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Swinger pics generate ten times more interest

A picture may or may not be worth a thousand words but in adult dating, a swinger pic will certainly get you ten times the number of responses. In the previous article we discussed the importance of first impressions and looked at how to create an adult dating profile that grabbed the reader’s attention.
Using words to create the image you need to portray is hard work but can be very effective when done properly. Adding a photo, video clip or sound clip isn’t as much work and can be even more effective.
Our research shows that adult dating profiles with all three types of media attached receive twelve times more responses than those without. Swinger pics and swinger video clips are obviously the most effective but you'd be surprised how sound clips attract a positive response from other swingers and singles as well.

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After you've browsed a reasonably large sample of photos of both sexes, you will probably agree that each one could be classified under the following headings:

  1. Genital only or sex action close ups
  2. Sex action whole body
  3. Front body - head not showing
  4. Back view only
  5. Whole body and face masked
  6. Whole body and face unmasked
  7. Facial only - masked
  8. Facial only - unmasked

We have analysed the responses achieved within each of the above categories and discovered which ones get the highest number. The answer may surprise you. By far the most successful type of photos are the ones that show unmasked faces. Even though people registered with online adult dating sites are looking for purely sexual relationships they would seem to be much more likely to be attracted by good quality facial photos than by any of the other types of photo.
So lesson two is to ensure that the main photo you use with your adult dating profile is a high quality facial one. There's nothing to stop you adding some other photos as well - you are not restricted to just one - but avoid the tacky genital close ups especially if you are a male - they are definitely not the kind of swinger pics most people want to see.

Adult dating Video and Sound Clips

Both video clips and sound clips are easy to upload from your computer onto the site or if you have a webcam you can use our online media creation technology to record live from your console. All the things we have said in issue one about creating a profile apply to creating good sound clips and all the things we have said in this issue about photos apply to video clips. Just follow these simple guidelines, maximise the use of the technology we provide, and you will very soon be receiving responses from people who want to meet up and play.

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