How to promote yourself to other adult dating singles and swinger couples

Creating an adult dating profile - First Impressions Count

How many times have you heard people say that first impressions are more important than what comes later? Well, it's true and especially true when it comes to remotely contacting people, as is the case with adult dating.
Your adult dating profile is what other users of an online adult dating service will see when they search for people they would like to have some fun with. It doesn't matter whether they are swingers or singles; if your profile doesn't grab them, they'll simply move on and look at the next one.

Grab Attention

Itís the first few lines of the descriptive bit that matter most. Say something that is different and generates an emotional response from the reader. Something humorous often does the trick but be careful not to say something corny or smutty. It needs to be original and relevant to you. Having a laugh at your own expense can work very well but ensure that you donít put yourself down. For example, an opening line like; "Sexaholic seeks alternative treatment to sexual sobrietyÖ." is making a joke at the writerís own expense but avoids any "put down". Whereas; "Past his sell-by-date, sex maniac.." may succeed in grabbing the readerís attention but it also puts the writer down and is unlikely to attract further contact.

Express Yourself in your adult dating profile

Express who you are, as an individual. Describe your unique qualities and personal attributes. Although adult dating is all about physical relationships of a "no-strings" nature, people (especially women - and therefore swinger couples) still want to know about you as a person.
Click here to browse through some adult dating profiles This should reveal just how much the vast majority of adult dating profiles fail to express uniqueness. Try making a list of your personal attributes, then expand on the ones that you feel make you a unique person. These are the ones you need to include in your profile

Take your time when compiling your adult dating profile

Take time in composing your adult dating profile. It is not something that should be done with one quick stab of the pen. It may take several revisions to compose a profile that is really going to "sell you" and you may need to come back to it a few times over the period of several days. However, the effort is worthwhile. In return, you will receive many more sincere responses from people who are most likely to be the kind of people you want to have fun with.

Avoid these pitfalls

  1. False information - avoid making claims about yourself that are patently untrue.
  2. Crudeness - Just because the nature of adult dating is all about sexual relationships, doesn't mean that people are not turned off by overly crude language. It is quite possible to be subtle and sexually explicit at the same time.
  3. Placing restrictions - people are attracted by positive ideas. Restrictions generate negative ideas. Avoid phrases like 'No time-wasters' nobody would want to be contacted by a time-waster so what is the point of anyone actually saying so? Don't use phrases like 'Cannot travel' or 'Cannot accommodate', just tell people about the things you can do instead.
  4. Prejudices - Revealing your dislikes is not only negative, it can also lead you into saying things that will offend some people. As with restrictions, stick to what you do like instead of telling people what you don't.
  5. Adult Dating Cliches - When you browse through any random sample of adult dating profiles you will notice certain phrases are being used over and over again. Some typical examples are: 'Easy going couple' 'Looking for like-minded people' 'Must have genuine sense of humour' 'People consider me to be attractive'
    Try coming up with some alternatives. Make your profile different

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