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Single males and swinger parties

Many of the swinger parties you will get to hear about when you join are organised by the members themselves they are often free to attend or have a very low admission charge. Many will be for swinger couples only. So if you are a single male, your first step should be to use No Strings Sex, online adult dating, to get a swinger partner.

How to find out where and when the swinger parties take place?

Use chat rooms to get in the know about where the swinger parties are, who is giving them, and how to receive invitations to them. Much of this knowledge is gathered from “the grapevine”. One member tells another about a great party they have attended. The information is passed to other members in a swinger chat-room and so a web of party contacts is quickly built up.
With literally hundreds of thousands of members, located all over the UK parties take place everywhere. Not everyone’s house is suitable for parties, of course, and not everyone wants to host parties. Nevertheless, there are enough swingers who do want to host parties and have suitable premises, to ensure that something is going on in most localities for much of the time.

How to enjoy a swinger party

Swinger parties are the kind of party you will be attending as a couple. You will either be in a permanent couple relationship (and therefore have couple membership of No Strings Sex) or you will have found a party partner to accompany you. The notable exception is If you are a single female and want to attend unaccompanied. The majority of swinger parties will welcome you to do so.
Most swinger parties, tend to be slower to take off than parties that are geared up for single males. This may sometimes mean that nothing much happens for the first hour or so. In that case you need to be patient and enjoy the social side of things, just like you would at any "non-adult" party. Even at the parties for the more experienced swingers (sometimes referred to as "Hard Swinger" parties), people don't just charge off to the nearest bed and start tearing each other's clothing off. They want to mingle, select suitable play partners, socialise a little and engage in some flirting before the physical stuff commences. That is exactly what you do too.
Just relax and have fun introducing yourselves and chatting to the other guests. You can never find out whether you really fancy someone unless you chat to them, no matter how attractive they may look at a distance. More importantly, it works the same the other way around. People are not going to invite you to enjoy some adult fun with them until they have got to know you a bit and felt that some rapport exists between you.

Stay the course

If you have never been to a swinger party, you would be amazed at how many couples go home before the fun begins. There are probably three main reasons why this happens:
1. They are not really swingers at heart and probably lost their nerve shortly after arriving.
2. They were impatient about the slow start and could not be bothered to put any effort into socialising with the other guests. Very often, when this happens, the couple blame everyone except themselves; saying that the party was too cliquey or badly hosted.
3. They decided that the other guests were not very attractive. This arrogant excuse is often given by people who are not exactly ravishing beauties themselves! Such people never seem to realise that they need to do more than just look around a crowded room in a futile search for perfect figures and Hollywood faces. Deep down they probably fear rejection and make no effort to get to know any of the other couples well enough to discover just how attractive they may be.
Avoid these traps and any other temptation or excuse to leave the party early. Put effort into the business of socialising and flirting and stay relaxed and patient. When the time is right for some action to commence you will know it.

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