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If you have ever fancied going to a no strings sex party, but couldn't find any that didn't insist on expensive pre-membership, we may have the answer.

Simply use this form to tell us what area you would like to party in and whether you would be attending as a single or as a couple.
Following your request, we'll send you details of forthcoming dates and locations with invitations to attend.
If there is no immediate prospect of a suitable sex party in your area, then depending on the local demand, we'll try to organise one there. Either way we'll keep you posted of developments.

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Swinger Sex Parties

Swinger sex parties are ones primarily aimed at swinger couples who attend to enjoy group sex mainly with other couples. Single females are always welcome at swinger parties but many couples are less tolerant of single men attending. Some swinger sex parties provide a compromise by allowing a small quota of selected single males.

Greedy Girl Sex Parties

Greedy Girl parties are sex parties where insatiable girls enjoy an excess of guys. A ratio of three males to each female is the norm. Some sex parties vary this theme either by including an element of swinger couples partying or by organising 'Gang Bang' parties where a higher male to female ratio occurs.

Meet Up Parties

It is common to find both couples and singles who feel very nervous about attending sex parties but are nevertheless intrigued by the prospect. Meet up parties offer a way around this dilemma by providing highly flirtatious, social events where no group sex takes place.

Sex Parties with Themes

Although not to everyone's taste, dressing up, role play and sex party games do appeal to many. We are keen to offer sex parties with themes of this nature wherever a demand exists.