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Swinger couple move to new area but still finds other swingers thanks to 'No Strings Sex'

No Strings Sex had swinger couple members in our new area

We had just moved into the area and being nearly 150 miles away from where we had lived before meant that our swinging contacts and the swinger parties we used to attend were now too far away from us. It was almost like starting swinging all over again but not quite because we were members of a very good adult dating site called No Strings Sex.
We were already aware that the site had thousands of members in every area and was well represented by genuine swinger couples as well as singles.

We recognised a swinger couple from our old area

We logged on to No Strings Sex almost as soon as the computer was installed in our new home and did a search for swinger couples. There were even more than there had been in our previous locality but as we browsed the photos and profiles we came across a couple we recognised.
"Didn't they used to go to the parties in Southport?" My husband Craig asked me.
I felt sure that it was indeed a couple that we had met several times at the Southport swinger parties we used to attend. "What are they doing in this area?" I asked.
Craig read the profile out loud. It mentioned that the couple, had recently moved into our new area from Merseyside where they had lived previously.
Although we had chatted to them several times at the swinger parties, we had never played with them. They had always seemed to be a very nice couple and both of them were extremely attractive. In a way it was strange that we had never got around to swinging with them because they were the same age as us and we had felt that there was some chemistry between us.
"Do you fancy giving them a try?" Craig asked me.
"Why not?" I replied, "I think it would be fun."
Craig started typing immediately and we sent off a message, telling them about ourselves and inviting them to ring the phone number we included to discuss the possibilities of meeting up.

They remembered us from the swinger parties

We received a call from them just two nights later. Their names were Lisa and Stuart and it was Lisa who was on the other end of the line. She told us that they both remembered us from the Southport swinger parties and would love to get to know us better. Craig was listening on the speaker phone and we exchanged mischievous glances when we heard that bit. We arranged to meet up the following week in a bar they knew in the city centre.

We might hold our own swinger parties

Our meeting turned out to be a very successful one that kicked off a long term swinger dating relationship. We have both met plenty of other swinger couples in our new area since then and are now thinking of holding some swinger parties together.
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