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Janet and I joined No Strings Sex after some bad experiences on another adult dating site. We are a swinger couple looking for similar couples in the Swindon area.
Our first search on the No strings Sex site returned several very promising swinger couples between the ages of 30 and 40. We decided to send messages to the most promising three to start with.
The first couple to reply were Diane and Trevor. We swapped phone numbers with them and rang them a couple of days later to arrange some adult dating.

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I let Janet do most of the talking but left the speaker phone on so I was able to join in. Diane and Trevor sounded very nice but were clearly more experienced than us. They suggested meeting at a Hotel in Chippenham. They had used it before for adult dating and said it was ideal.
The date was set and we met just after lunch.
Diane and Trevor had already booked a room and wasted no time suggesting that we went up to "see" it.
We went to get in the lift. Diane got in first followed by Trevor, with us behind him. As Diane entered he lifted her tiny mini skirt. "Look no knickers." he announced, exposing most of Diane's quite naked bottom. She giggled and turned around, pulling the skirt lower at the front but she clearly enjoyed the attention. Trevor kept his hand up the back of his wife's skirt, obviously fondling her rear as the the lift ascended to the third floor.
Their room was dominated by a lovely king-size bed. "We've already tried it out," Diane laughed as she bounced down on it and then took off her skimpy top.
Janet and I weren't used to such fast action but we quickly got into the swing of things.

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Janet pulled her own top off but unlike Diane, she was wearing a bra. Undaunted, she removed that as well and jumped on the bed next to Diane. Trevor and I stood watching. "Come on guys, what are you waiting for," called Diane as she laid back, hoisting her tiny skirt around her waist and exposing her pussy for us. Janet wasn't going to be beaten that easily. She took of her skirt and knickers and threw them at us. "Come on then, let's see what you've got for us," she dared us.
It was just the beginning of wild weekend of virtually not stop swinger sex.

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