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Our search for swinger couples

We signed up with No strings Sex because we wanted to find other swinger couples like ourselves. I was 29 years old and Keith, my husband, was 31 at the time we became a members. We were hoping to meet up with swinger couples of the same age and who lived reasonably near to us.
After doing a search of swinger couples, we came up with well over fifty who appeared to be suitable. This was really far too many so we refined our search and only considered those with photos and who seemed the most compatible

We sent messages and asked if they were interested in swinger dating with us

In the end we sent messages to just five couples. They all replied positively and we had difficulty in making up our minds who to meet first. In the end we decided on a swinger couple called, Katie and Liam.
Katie was a very sexy blonde lady. One of her photos showed her in just a g-string. The profile said that she had a sensational figure and the photo certainly confirmed it.
Liam was very attractive too. He was well built and the profile said that he was very well endowed.
They had sent us their phone number and invited us to ring them to arrange some swinger dating fun. We rang them later that night.
We expected them to want to have the first date somewhere neutral like a pub but we were more than happy for them to come to our house if they preferred. To our surprise they said they did and we invited them over for the following Saturday night.
When they arrived, we all took to each other immediately and we wasted very little time having to break the ice. Although neither of us had much swinger dating experience, we were all totally up for some fun and didn't need too much encouragement to move things on. From the time they arrived to the time we took them up to our bedroom only just under an hour had elapsed.


Different from other swinger dating

When we got upstairs it all seemed completely natural to just get undressed. It was quite different from our other swinger dating experiences where a certain amount of awkwardness and hesitation had accompanied the first moments in a bedroom with other couples.
Our first session started with some gentle stroking and petting of each others partners, going back to our own from time to time. We moved quite naturally on to some fantastic two way oral before being shagged by Liam who certainly was entitled to describe himself as very well endowed.

Hundreds of swinger couples in every area

It was a fabulous evening which led to many more with Katie and Liam. Thanks to No Strings Sex we have since found other swinger couples who have also been great fun. There are hundreds of couples in every area
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