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My partner, Gilly, was probably in the bedroom, doing her hair after having a shower. I was in the lounge, sitting at our computer, logged on to No Strings Sex online adult dating. I was reading some really juicy profile of a swinger couple who were our age and lived in our area. Their photos looked great as well. The woman posed naked and was playing with a large toy. Her partner who was also naked sported a rather impressive erection.
I was so engrossed that I did not hear Gilly enter the room.

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Gilly's arms curled around my neck from behind my chair, she made me jump and kissed me on the cheek. I smelt her perfume and turned my head towards her. She hadn't dressed.
"Oh they look alright," she said, pointing to the computer screen. Instead of putting her arm back where it had been around my neck she reached down to my groin. "It feels as though you quite fancy the woman", she teased squeezing my cock through my trousers.
Before I could answer, she had me unzipped and was undoing my belt. "Do you fancy meeting with them for some swinger dating?" I asked her.
By now she had my trousers undone and my cock in her hand. As she began stroking it she replied to my question. "It's been ages since we've done any swinging. The last time was that useless swinger party near Watford, wasn't it?"
I agreed that it probably was and Gilly began to read the swinger couple's profile out loud whilst she continued to play with my cock. She ended up by saying that she really liked the sound of the couple and thought we should arrange to me them.
"Then perhaps, we should plan what we want to do when we meet?" I said, getting up from the chair and stepping out of trousers.
Gilly squatted down in front of me, pulling down my pants as she did so and taking hold of my cock once more. "Well I would like to do this to the bloke first," she said and began gently licking my shaft.
"Shouldn't you consider following that up by getting his cock right into your mouth?"
She stopped teasing me with her tongue and looked up at me, "No, I like to tease then be teased. I think he should start licking my little pussy first. You can to the same to the woman at the same time."

Swinger dating rehearsal

Our love making continued like this for some time with each of us adding different ideas for the foreplay we would like to enjoy with the swinger couple. Eventually, when neither of us could wait any longer we fucked and climaxed at the same time sensational orgasms. Even without the swinger dating, swinging certainly added a lot of spice to our love-life. Nevertheless, we really did want to meet this couple so after we had rested a while, I went back to the computer.
"Right, what are we going to say in our message to them?" I asked
"Why not tell them everything we've just been doing and how much we would like to do the same with the?" Gilly replied

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