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Large number of swinger couples in our local area

We were delighted by the number of swinger couples to be found on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site in the Sunderland area - which is where we live.

We set about sending messages to some of them who were in our age group - 35 and 40 year olds - and who had attractive photos and profiles we liked the sound of

Swinger dating in a hotel

The first swinger couple to reply to our messages were Charlotte and Steve from Washington. Charlotte looked really gorgeous in her photo. It was taken with her wearing a sexy see-through mini dress. Steve was standing behind her in the photo with his arms around her and his hands cupping her tits. He looked very attractive too. We agreed that we both wanted to meet them and sent another message with our phone number and a proposal for a swinger date.
The couple rang us the following day and we arranged a meeting at a hotel for a week later on the Saturday night.

Both Charlotte and Steve were as nervous as us to start with but after the first drink we began to chat more easily and quite soon the conversation became spicy and flirtatious.
By the time we were into our second round of drinks, I felt confident about inviting the couple up to our room.
They seemed relieved that one of us had at last got around to asking and immediately accepted.
They followed us up and into the room. To start with all just stood around the bed and reverted back to the nervous kind of conversation we had started off the evening with. Then Charlotte broke the ice by making us all laugh with a funny story about the first swinger party they had ever attended. As we finished laughing, Mick, my partner, immediately followed up by saying, "Come on then, let's have some fun," and pulled me down on the bed with him. Charlotte and Steve joined us.

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I shan't forget that night in a hurry. Charlotte and I enjoyed some girl on girl fun. Whilst I had my head buried in Charlotte's crotch, licking her delicious pussy, Steve fucked me from behind and Mick offered Charlotte his cock to stroke and suck. Then he swapped with Steve and brought me to the brink of orgasm. Before I came, Steve had taken his cock from Charlottes mouth and moved towards me by straddling over her. I lifted my face from her pussy just in time to watch him shoot his spunk all it. That was the trigger for me to come too and when I completed my orgasm I moved away to let my partner push his still hard cock into Charlotte's messy hole. Moments later they both came, then rolled back on the bed to join Steve and I; depleted, exhausted but totally satisfied.

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