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Swinger dating success with another swinger couple

We had no shortage of swinger couple friends or swinger parties to attend

When David called me to the computer to show me yet another swinger couple's photo I was not really in the best of moods. We had been to three swinger parties that month already and had no shortage of swinger friends. I really didn't see why we needed any more right now and how we were going to find the time to fit any more swinger dating into our busy schedules.
Nevertheless, I had to agree that this swinger couple did seem more than a bit special. His name was Ross and hers was Sandra. Their photos were stunning. I had to admit that I would love to fuck them.

David's invitation for swinger dating

David told me to leave it all to him and that we would find time to meet the couple if they wanted a swinger date. I still wasn't entirely convinced but left him to it whilst I got on with my housework.
Two days later our phone rang. It was Sandra and Ross responding to Dave's invitation for swinger dating.
We met the following Saturday at their place. It was a lovely detached five bedroom house in a beautiful hillside village on the Welsh border not far from Shrewsbury.
In our telephone conversation Sandra had suggested that we came dressed for fun so I wore one of my favourite outfits under my coat. It was a spider lace mini dress with a deep V front. My naked breasts and tiny matching g-string were clearly visible through it.
Sandra wasn't to be beaten however. She answered the door wearing a gorgeous chainmail mermaid dress with high front slit. She had nothing on underneath and looked absolutely stunning.
Ross clearly wasn't one to let the side down. He was dressed in an incredibly sexy pair of silver pvc boxer shorts and a silver mesh top.
David apologised for being the only one to dress conventionally, blaming it onto the fact that he had had to drive. The truth is he never likes wearing what he calls 'fetish stuff' anyway.

A swinger dating success

The night was a fantastic swinger dating success from beginning to end.
Ross fucked me to orgasm on three occasions and David enjoyed doing the same with Sandra.
Sandra was also quite bi and I adored taking each of her very meaty pussy lips between my teeth, gently chewing and pulling them whilst the men fucked me from behind. She loved my little pussy too and her long tongue licked my copious juices whilst Ross and David took turns servicing her ever eager cunt from the rear.

More swinger dating fun

We have met up several times since for more swinger dating fun but thanks to No strings Sex swinger dating club, we have so many swinger couple friends now that we can never get around to seeing any of them as much as we would like.

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