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An adult date that fulfilled my threesome fantasy

I was excited by his adult dating profile

His adult dating profile sounded very enticing. I read it on the No Strings Sex adult dating site and it was accompanied by a photo that portrayed him as a very sexy guy. The thought of meeting him for some adult fun excited me.
If his adult dating profile was to be believed, he was a real laugh and I love funny, sexy guys. He was 39 which made him five years older than me. That was also how I liked it. He lived in Stafford and that is less than twenty miles from me. But there was one other thing that made me decide to meet him; he said that he was into threesomes - both ways - and I love being fucked by two guys at the same time. I decided to propose an adult date.

I didn't get an adult dating mesage back immediately

His name was Jake and I sent him a message, telling him quite a lot about myself. I included some really juicy details about one of my threesome experiences with two guys I met at a party. It was intended to get him thinking along the lines of arranging something similar.
I proposed that we met for adult date in a delightful country pub at a place called High Offley. It's in the middle of nowhere, yet is only a few miles from Stafford and six from the village where I live.

I didn't get an adult dating message reply from Jake immediately but when one did arrive it sounded very enthusiastic. He apologised for not replying earlier, explaining that he had been away on business and had not logged into the No Strings Sex adult dating site for a few days. He said that he really wanted to meet, thought the pub sounded like a great place, and gave me his mobile phone number to call him on.
I rang him that evening and had a very sexy chat. I loved the sound of his voice. It sounded really sexy and I was right about him knowing just how to make a girl laugh. We agreed the time of our adult date and said goodnight. I could hardly sleep that night thinking about him.

Adult dating had never been this good for me before

Jakewas just as funny in person as he had been on the phone, having me in fits of hysterical laughter right from the moment we met. The conversation soon became pure filth and we wasted little time in deciding to leave the pub and head back to my place for some action.
I was feeling so horny that I dropped my front door key in my rush to get Jake inside of my cottage - and inside of me, for that matter!
Once we were across the threshold we were all over each other before I had even shut the door. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying some of the best sex I have ever had.
Jake asked me about the threesome I had told him about. It clearly turned him on to hear about it. When I told him that both guys had cum all over me, he begged me to tell him how it felt whilst he did the same. I thought it was a great idea and lay naked before him, telling him as best I could what it was like. As I talked he wanked, kneeling right over me so that when he came his spunk splattered all over my tits. It was fantastic.

Adult dating had never been quite this good before. Jake stayed all night and most of the following day, during which time he managed several, fabulous repeat performances.

It was a threesome adult date I really wanted

Jake understood that I needed another guy to make the fantasy complete however. So together we went to my computer and logged onto the No Strings Sex site to search for single males in the area who might be suitable.
There were plenty to chooose from but we were eventually able agree on one to contact.
It all turned out amazingly well. The other guy agreed to meet us the same pub we had used for our adult date
At the meeting, it didn't take me long to decide what I wanted to do. This time I had two gorgeous guys to take back to my cottage.
They say that the real thing is never quite as good as the fantasy but I can assure you that isn't true in my case. After an incredible night of oral, anal and double penetration, I just had to arrange for a repeat the following weekend.

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