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Our adult dating fun changed my mind about MMF threesomes

The adult dating chatroom was mainly full of singles

The adult dating chatroom on the No Strings Sex site was mainly full of singles that day. I was hoping to chat to some swinger couples and perhaps get invited to join in some threesome fun.
Instead, I chatted to a guy named Alan for a while and he suggested that if I liked threesomes we should meet up with a friend of his. I explained that it was actually a FFM threesome that I had wanted and that had been why I was looking for swinger couples.
Alan was understanding but also quite persistent in a nice sort of way. He asked me if I had ever tried it the other way around with two blokes. I had and I hadn't enjoyed it much. I described the situation to him - how DP just wasn't for me because I didn't like anal sex. It was enough to make me never want to try it again.
Alan seemed quite taken aback. He told me that he had had loads of MMF threesome sex but there was never any DP or anal sex involved. "They only do that in porn movies", he added.
It made me review my experience and consider what it could have been like with the right guys and without the DP. I had to agree that I would have probably enjoyed it.
So what if we just meet up and go for a drink with my friend?" Alan suggested
That sounded okay to me. I wasn't doing anything that night so I agreed to meet at my favourite adult dating bar in Peterborough.

Alan was a really great looking guy who I immediately took to. His friend was very sexy too. By the end of the evening I was ready to say yes to a further adult date with them - this time to have some real adult fun. We made the arrangements for the following Saturday night and agreed the rules: no would really mean no; we could stop at any time I wanted to; there would be no anal or DP involved.

I wished all adult dates were this good

The adult date was a great success and completely changed my mind about MMF threesomes.
Dave and his friend gave me the time of my life and I fucked them both in several positions. They were both gentle and considerate yet knew when I wanted them to be more than that. They were great lovers and we made a great threesome.
The experience hasn't altered my views about the other kind of threesomes however, I still love a pussy to lick as well as cocks to suck. But the spice of life is variety and now I can choose what I want when I want it.

Adult dating chatroom led to MMF threesome

I have much to thank Alan and his friend for. They opened my eyes to possibilities that I had been missing. But I am also indebted to 'No Strings Sex' because it was thanks to their adult dating chatroom that I met Alan in the first place

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