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No Strings Sex single male accompanies online adult dating admirers to swinger party

All of the admirers were swinger couples from my area

I probably wasn't expecting very much. The other adult dating clubs I had joined had produced very little. It seemed as if I was just one more of many single males that there must be on every adult dating site. My surprise on logging into No Strings Sex for only the third time was therefore a particularly pleasant one: waiting for me was a notice saying that I had an 'admirer'
I clicked it and found that I actually had several 'admirers' and all were swinger couples from my area.
There was one couple whose profile stood out from the rest. Their names were Dave and Tricia. They were looking for a single male for threesomes and taking to swinger parties. Tricia was 30 years old and her photo looked fantastic. The couple lived in Leeds so they were not far away from me.

Tricia and Dave had often attended swinger parties

Tricia and Dave's profile also indicated that they were regular swinger party attenders. They would only go to ones that allowed them to take a single guy and attend as a threesome. It was what Tricia liked.
Up until that time, I had never been to a swinger party but it was something that I had always wanted to do. The thought of going with someone as attractive as Tricia consumed me with a desire. I decided to contact the couple immediately. Without further hesitation, I clicked on the reply button and started typing my message. It thanked them for their interest in me and included my telephone number so they could call me and chat about the possibility of meeting up for a swinger date.

They found it quite a turn on to introduce me to a swinger party

I received a call from them later that night just as I was getting out of the shower. It was Tricia to start with and she sounded incredibly sexy. She told me all about their experiences at swinger parties and was quite obviously doing it on purpose to turn me on. Listening to her sexy voice describe the details of the group sex she and Dave had enjoyed certainly had the intended effect. I let my bath towel drop and started wanking as she continued to talk dirty to me.
She told me that Dave loved watching her with other men but they also both enjoyed swinger party fun so that was why they insisted on going as a threesome with a spare bloke. She added that they wanted to take a guy who had never been to a swinger party before and thought that they would both find that a big turn on.
I asked her if she knew of a party that we could go to as a threesome on the next Saturday if they were free that night. She said that it would be better if I discussed the possibilities with Dave and handed me over to speak to him.
Dave sounded a really nice guy and he must have received a nod from Tricia because he immediately started talking as if we were going to arrange the swinger date I so much wanted.
He suggested a swinger party venue in Leeds that they had been to before and confirmed that Tricia and he were free next Saturday. We made arrangements to meet in a bar in the city centre.


Our swinger date was at a swinger party in Leeds

The party was due to start at 9 o'clock but we stayed in the bar until ten because Tricia and Dave said that hardly anybody ever arrived until after then. The venue was about fifteen minutes away and when finally arrived the party was just hotting up.
Tricia had turned up at the bar looking incredibly sexy in a short skirt and revealing top but she had a bag with her in which she said she had got her really sexy gear to wear at the party. Dave and I waited for her to change into it a few minutes after we arrived. When she finally reappeared the sight of her took my breath away. Her outfit consisted of a stunning black lace camisole with a matching thong.
The party itself turned out to be fantastic. We enjoyed sex as a threesome and several sessions of larger group sex with other swinger couples. I could not have wished for a better initiation into the swinger party scene.
Since that night, Dave, Tricia and I have enjoyed many great threesomes and swinger parties. I cannot believe how my life has changed since meeting them.

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