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How I met Graham and Allison in an adult dating chatroom and enjoyed a threesome

Adult dating chatrooms were something new to me

Before I joined the No Strings Sex online adult dating club, I had never even heard of adult dating chatrooms. They took me quite a bit of getting used to but that's probably because I'm really thick when it comes to computers'. The first couple of times I went into the chat room I just sat in without taking part. I had read in the No Strings Sex online tutorial that that was the best way to get started and it worked for me. It wasn't long before I was chatting confidently with other members. That is how I met Allison and Graham.

Allison and Graham were a new swinging couple

Allison and Graham were a new swinging couple who had just joined. They had done some swinging several years ago, attending a few swinger parties. But that was in the USA where they had lived for some time. Now they were hoping to find a single female who was up for some threesome fun in the UK.
Allison and I really seemed to hit it off in the chatroom. She was bi-sexual like me and enjoyed all the same sort of things, Graham sounded really nice too and the three of us enjoyed some good flirting in the No Strings Sex adult dating chat room before getting around to arranging our first meeting

Our threesome swinger dating fun was at my place

We arranged our first swinger date at my place. Allison and Graham had children at home so they they weren't able to have any swinger dating fun at their house.
I wasn't sure what I wanted from this first meeting. I usually like to get to know people pretty well socially before having sex but there have been many exceptions. Allison told me later that she was usually the same and that Graham never tries to pressurize her into anything until she's ready.
Our first date never turned out that way however. It was obvious right from the start that all three of us wanted sex and were not going to wait for another date to have it.
I really fancied both Allison and Graham from the moment we met and they both indicated that they felt the same way about me. I think our conversations in the adult dating chatroom had probably done all the ground work for us, so that by the time an hour had gone we were all ready for some action.
The threesome we enjoyed that night was absolutely wonderful. Allison was gorgeous and I just couldn't stop licking her lovely little pussy, chewing on her bountiful lips and tonguing deep into her juicy hole. Graham fucked me from behind every time I enjoyed Allison in this way. Then when she reversed roles and licked my pussy, his staying powers enabled him to serve her in just the same way. Us girls had several orgasms but Graham's waited until we were ready to treat him to a dual blow job. It ended with him coming all over my face which Allison then greedily licked clean.

Our next adult date was at a naturist swinger's party

In between our frenetic threesome sessions we chatted about our experiences, our fantasies and our personal interests. It emerged that we had many things in common, including the fact that we were all naturists. Graham and Allison had recently joined a naturist club where quite a lot of swinging also took place and where they were planning to attend a forthcoming, naturist swinger's party. The idea appealed to me too so we discussed arrangements for going together as a threesome.

Allison confirmed the naturist swinger's party

I left it to Allison and Graham to confirm that the party, scheduled for two weeks Saturday, would be going ahead as planned and to ensure that they would be free to attend. It was certainly a good date for me and I told them that I would go if they could.
Our fabulous evening of threesome swinger fun ended with Allison and Graham returning home exhausted in the early hours of the morning. Three days later Allison rang me to confirm the naturist swinger's party date. Three three of us went along and enjoyed a really fantastic evening that was beyond my wildest dreams.

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