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It took four adult dating messages to find genuine swinger couple

No Strings Sex was almost working too well for me and it left me with difficult decisions to make about who to contact and who to disregard. My searches were already limited to swinger couples in the Bath area who were between 30 and 40 and were looking for single males of a similar age.
I decided to contact just four and it took just those four adult dating messages to get one very positive response from a genuine swinger couple who sounded just what I was looking for.

The couple had previously used the same hotel for adult dating

The swinger couple were called Tony and Yvonne. We swapped phone numbers and I called the couple up to arrange our adult date. On the phone, I spoke to both of them and they sounded like really experienced swingers. They suggested that we met at a Hotel in Bath that they had used many times before for adult dating. They said it was safe, upmarket and a very pleasant place to stay. Yvonne even added that she recommended the beds as being 'perfect for good threesome bonking'.

We met in the late afternoon and enjoyed a drink in the lounge whilst we got to know each other better.
Tony was a guy about my age who was in good physical shape and commanded a friendly but definite air of authority.
Yvoone was a little younger, very attractive, with a lovely warm smile and lovely slim figure. She also had a certain air of being a very assertive and well educated sort of person. Tony was a company director and Yvonne taught at a primary school.
They had already booked a room and said that they would like to get changed whilst I waited for them in the bar.
When they came back down, I couldn't believe the change in Yvonne's appearance. She was dressed in the tiniest mini skirt possible and wore a skimpy top to match. It revealed her navel and what seemed like an almost illegal amount of flesh below it.

They were the horniest swinger couple I had ever met

At Tony's suggestion, the three of us sat up on the high bar stools with Yvonne in between Tony and I. Our conversation right from the start was virtually all pure flirting and teasing. Within the first few minutes I knew that this was heading towards being the sexiest adult date I had ever had.
As we talked I noticed Tony's hand was on Yvonne's thigh and was pushing her little skirt up higher. At the same time Yvonne was watching me with a wicked smile as she parted her legs as wide as her bar stool perch allowed. There were other people scattered around the lounge but she didn't care. As I looked down, I could quite clearly see that Yvonne was completely naked under her skirt and that her partner had hitched it up so high that her shaved pussy with a silver ring dangling from her pierced clitoris was perfectly visible. I gasped in wonder and desire.

"Come on" said Tony, smiling at my expression, "Lets drink up and go to the room shall we?"

The room was on the second floor and we took the lift. All the time we were in it Tony held his wife's skirt up with one had whilst fingering her little cunt with his other.
When the lift stopped and the doors opened Tony slowly pulled the hem of the skirt back down and smiled at a couple who had been waiting outside for the doors to open. I was certain that they would have seen what had been going on but my horny swinger couple friends just didn't seem to care.
The bed in the room turned out to be just as good as Yvonne had described - perfect for threesome bonking!
The sex was incredible. Yvonne and Tony were the horniest swinger couple I had ever encountered. they led and I followed. We did just about everything a threesome can do.

The next adult date was to be at their home

One of the most exciting moments for me was when Tony purposely shot an amazing volume of spunk all over his wife's pussy. It clung in large creamy drops to her lower stomach and venus mound. It ran between her pussy lips and it oozed out of her vagina. Then he asked me to fuck her.
Looking at Yvonnes messy naked flesh was incredibly erotic but I wasn't so sure about touching another man's cum. But then I was wearing a condom and suddenly I was inside her enjoying the wetness and messiness of her underneath me.
When the evening drew to a close we discussed meeting again.
They informed me that they had a beautiful country house a Burton Bradstock but weren't very often able to use it for adult dating because of their children. However, the kids were away in two weeks time and they invited me to visit.
I accepted and look forward to yet another fantastic night.

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