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A threesome adult dating story in the Northeast

I was amazed by the number of single females I found on the No Strings Sex adult dating site in my local area which is the north east.

I decided to immediately go about the task of sending adult dating messages to females in the area who were between the ages of 30 and 40

I received my first reply to an adult dating message

The first lady to reply to my adult dating messages was Claire. She was from North Shields and she was really stunning.
The moment I saw her photo I knew I just had to meet her. Her message confirmed that she felt the same way about me and we arranged our adult date at a bar in Newcastle
We were both a little bit nervous to start with but warmed up after the first drink and soon found it easy to chat socially before moving on to some really raunchy flirting.

The hotel we picked was the ideal place for adult dating fun

By the time we had started on our second drink, I felt confident enough to suggest going to a nearby hotel for some real adult dating fun.
Claire responded with a huge sexy smile that really turned me on and said that she had thought that I was never going to get around to asking.
We quickly drank up and left the pub for the hotel. We booked in and made our way up to what was a fairly ordinary but comfortable, clean room.
As we stood by the bed we started to snog and make the first exploration of one another's bodies. Claire told me that she was very bi and absolutely adored doing FFM threesomes. The very mention of the idea made my cock stiffen immediately and I asked her if she had any bi-friends who might like to make up a threesome with us.
She replied that she had an arrangement with one friend whereby they always let each other know if either of them found a new bloke. He had to be someone who enjoyed threesomes as much as they did and he had to have a 'Grade One Recommendation'
I asked Claire what she meant by this and she told me to wait and see.
Then the talking stopped and the action began. Within moments we were both naked on the bed. Claire's neatly shaved pussy begged at me to dive straight down for a prolonged cunt-licking session. But she was soon begging me to stop because it was making her want to come too soon and she wanted my cock inside her pussy instead.
We did just about everything that it is possible for two people to do that night and both of us had several fantastic orgasms.
The next morning, Claire looked at me with one of her wickedly sexy smiles again and said, "I have decided to give you a grade one recommendation. Is it alright if I phone my friend right now?"
"No" I said pulling her towards me, "You'll have to wait until I've fucked you one more time."

Threesome adult dating to savour for the rest of my life

I shan't forget my adult dating experience with Claire in a hurry but what it led to was something even more unforgettable.
We arrange our first threesome for the following week at my flat in Hexham. Claire introduced me to her friend, Naomi. She was gorgeous and turned out to every bit as wild Claire. They were both very bi and sometimes virtually excluded me for short periods of their passionate play. But that just increased the fun for me and we got into incredible positions that allowed me to fuck one girl whilst licking the other's pussy and so on.
My future adult dating with Claire and Naomi were good for a while but none of them were quite like that first one. In the end the girls bi-sexual desires seemed to turn into something more approaching lesbianism and when I felt that I was becoming surplus to their requirements I moved on to other adult dating. It was easy enough. Afterall, there was no shortage of single females on the No Strings Sex adult dating database in my area!

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