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A swinger couple take me to their favourite dogging site

My search revealed plenty of swinger couples in the Chester area

I was amazed by the number of swinger couples looking for single males on the No Strings Sex adult dating web site.
I had restricted my searches for couples living in the Chester area and in the age group I was interested in swinging with. This was the 35 - 45 age range.
When I discovered just how many there were, I filtered the search by further criterion and restricted it to just those with photos.

Sally and James sounded the keenest swinger couple

I selected the six most promising swinger couples to send adult dating messages to. Five of them responded and after a series of further communications, I got my shortlist down to one swinger couple that seemed really keen to meet up with me for some threesome fun. They gave me their mobile phone number and suggested I called them.
When I did, I got through to the male partner, James but after exchanging pleasantries he put me on to his wife, Sally.
Sally sounded very sexy and she chatted to me for ages about the kind of things she and James enjoyed before proposing that I met them at their home on the outskirts of Chester the following Saturday evening.
When I arrived I was delighted to find Sally dressed in a tiny mini skirt and sexy top.
We spent the first hour engaged in very raunchy conversation until James introduced the subject of dogging. He told me that they liked to visit dogging sites where they and other swinger couples enjoyed sex in the public view or with the single guys who came to watch them.
Then Sally asked me if I would like to go out with them to visit one of their favourite dogging sites that night.
I was actually quite disappointed because I was hoping for some swinger dating fun at the house for just the three of us but I knew it was best to play along with the proposal.
The dogging site wasn't far away and James drove us there whilst Sally treated me to some back seat sex in which I got my fingers into her deliciously moist pussy whilst she stroked my cock. James kept watching us through his mirror and asking if we were having a good time.

Exhibitionist swinger dating

When we got to the dogging site James parked the car under some trees and opened all the windows. There were a few other cars some distance away but no evidence of much happening. Sally remarked that the site was usually much busier. Then she got out of the car and took off her clothes."It's such a warm night", she said. "Perhaps someone will turn up if we have some fun."
James followed suit and I watched in amazement as the totally naked couple had sex, doggy fashion style with Sally using the car bonnet for support.
Following a great deal of encouragement from both of them, I eventually plucked up enough courage to join in and enjoyed fucking Sally whilst James looked on.
To my relief, no one turned up to either watch or stop our exhibitionist swinger dating fun. In the end we returned to the couple's home for more threesome fun but in the kind of privacy I prefer.
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