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Haley and Fiona met each other by being members of No Strings Sex online adult dating. They were bi-sexual and enjoyed meeting for lesbian sex. Then one day Haley suggested that they look for a single male to join them.
They used a No Strings Sex adult dating chatroom and got talking with me. I just couldn't believe my luck and half wondered if it was all some sort of wind up. Afterall, its hard enough for single guys to find one single female sometimes but to have two start chatting you up is nothing short of a miracle.
Luckily I decided to at least act as though I was taking them seriously.

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By the time we had enjoyed three really flirtatious adult dating chatroom sessions, I was ninety nine per cent sure that they were serious and I asked if they would like to meet up. They seemed delighted and invited me round to Fiona's flat the following Friday.
I arrived a little after 7.30 and was let in by Fiona. She was wrapped in a bath towel and apologised for not being ready. She told me that Haley was already there but was also just getting ready. I was led into a comfortable, very luxurious lounge to wait for the girls to appear.
I waited for what seemed ages, although it was actually twenty minutes. Haley was the first to emerge. I felt my cock stiffen immediately, urged into action by the sight of how she was dressed. She was wearing a lace up black lace top and a matching lace, open side skirt. Her nipples were very visible through the lace top and her skirt revealed that she wore only a tiny g-string underneath.
I hardly had time to respond to her welcoming hug when Fiona joined us. Gone was the bath towel, replaced by an outfit that was as sexy as Haley's. It consisted of a lace up pvc bustier and matching zip-up-the-front shorts. Both girls looked absolutely stunning.
After the introductions, Fiona asked if I wanted a drink and Haley sat down on the sofa, patting the cushion as a signal for me to sit next to her.

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As Fiona turned to leave the room, I saw for the first time the back view of her outfit. The sides of her shorts were connected by a gold chain at the top, coming back together in a v-shape at the bottom. The gap revealed most of Fiona's quite naked arse.
Haley saw me ogling. "Fabulous isn't it? It makes me horny every time I see it." Then, moving her hand onto the top of my thigh, she asked, "Does it make you get hard?"
I managed some sort of reply about having got hard from seeing her own outfit even before Fiona had appeared. That pleased her and she began to unzip me to release my cock from the prison of my trousers. By the time Fiona returned with our drinks, Haley was already stroking it in preparation for the ecstatic threesome adult dating that followed.

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