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Our kinky fantasies were fulfilled at an outdoor adult dating rendezvous

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I met Val and Terry by on the No Strings Sex adult dating site. They were both really gorgeous and up for anything.
We met for some fantastic threesome sex at both my place and their place a few times.
After a while we started to confide in each other and felt comfortable in discussing our kinkiest sexual fantasies.
Like a lot of people, the fantasy of having sex in the open air was one that we shared and we decided that we would fulfill it together soon by arranging a threesome in the countryside when the weather got warmer.
I didn't really consider that to be a very kinky fantasy however and went on to tell Terry and Val about one that really was. I found it a little difficult because I knew that some otherwise very broadminded people were quite disgusted by it. However, I thought I knew Terry and Val well enough by now to share it with them and they encouraged me to go ahead and tell them.
"It's watersports actually," I told them. "I've always fancied standing over a naked man and pissing down on him. But I would also like to do it to a woman I think."
Val looked at Terry before replying, "That's incredible" she said,"It's what I do to Terry sometimes. He loves it, don't you Terry?"
I was so relieved that I decided to add more. "Wow," I said, "Would you let me do it to you Terry? You could both piss over me at the same time if you wanted. I'd love that."
"Only if I get the same treatment", laughed Val.

Outdoor adult dating rendezvous provides opportunity for both fantasies

Immediately we got down to discussing where we might have our watersports adult dating fun without making too much mess. The bath sounded like a good idea until I reminded them of our other shared fantasy - sex in the open air.
We all jumped at the idea. Being outdoors provided as much room as we wanted without having to worry about messes or smells. The only problem to be solved was where to wash but Terry and Val had a ready made solution. "We've got a camper van and a portable shower for rough camping" he said. "As long as we don't have to park the van too far away we can carry water out to it and shower in the open air."
It all sounded great and only remained for us to identify some secluded countryside within easy reach of a parking space for the camper van. The following day Val phoned me to say that they had identified somewhere that fitted the bill.
The weather was warm and dry by the end of the week and we arranged our fantasy rendezvous for the Sunday afternoon.
It was a lovely spot, part woodland and part meadow. I suppose there was a small chance that someone might turn up and see us but that was part of the thrill of having sex in the open air.

We all stripped naked to begin the outdoor adult dating fun

We all stripped naked and enjoyed the kiss of hot sun on our naked skin. It made me feel very horny and I couldn't wait to get started. Val and I kept drinking white wine until we felt sure we would be able to piss. We agreed that Terry should enjoy a double golden shower if we could possibly time it together.
It must have been a marvelous view for him, with us two girls squatting over him with wide open pussies. He began wanking as we tried to release our flow upon him. Val managed quite easily but even the sound of her piss showering down over Terry was not enough to get me passed the trickling stage. That didn't stop me enjoying it however and I just wanted to sample more of this kind of thing as soon as possible
We all fucked and enjoyed one another but still kept drinking as much as possible to replenish our bladders.
Later it was my turn to lay down with Val and Terry striding me. They both pissed together, showering my tits, stomach and pussy with a torrent of piss. It was wonderful.
As soon as they had finished we changed places and this time I was able to piss properly, right over both of the naked bodies below me.
Finally we all stood under the portable shower and washed the piss from our bodies.
As we dried ourselves I thought of another variation of the fantasy and shared it with the couple. "Next time", I suggested, "How about you two shagging whilst I piss over you?"
"It's a deal," Val promised, "Just let me do the same while Terry fucks you."

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