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Swinger dating turns into romantic love

Sometimes swinger dating goes wrong

Swinger dating is harmless fun and relationships are usually strengthened by the openness that it provides. Most genuine swinger couples will vouch for this and you will find plenty of swinger dating web sites that wax lyrical with their praises for this aspect of their subject.
Sometimes it does go wrong however. Despite all the claims about the positive benefits of swinger dating it is no different to any other good thing in life; there will be occasions when negative outcomes occur. It is rare but it can happen.

A swinger couple with years of experience

Take the case of Vicky and John for example. They had been a swinger couple for years and would have sworn that only positive benefits resulted from their swinging. Until they met Mervyn that was absolutely true.
Mervyn was a single guy who just wanted to enjoy some no strings threesomes with swinger couples like Vicky and John.
They arranged to meet at a bar in Salford and enjoyed a few laughs and flirtatious chat before agreeing that the chemistry was right to take things further.
There seemed no point in waiting for another date to get started so the three of them went back to Mervyn's flat in Pendlebury.
They wasted no time in getting down to some real adult fun. John loved to watch Vicky with other guys so after helping her out of her clothes, he sat back to let Mervyn take over. They were soon in the sixty nine position and John looked on with growing excitement as his wife took Mervyn's huge cock into her mouth and Mervyn fingered, licked and buried his face in Vicky's pussy.
When they were ready to fuck, John watched Mervyn take his beautiful partner doggy style but he still didn't join them.
The next time, after a short break for refreshments and when Mervyn had regained an erection, all three of them played. John ended up providing Vicky with anal pleasure whilst Mervyn fucked her pussy again.

All her swinger dating experience wouldn't stop her

The evening seemed like a great success but Vicky was already feeling emotions that she knew she should resist. There was something very different about Mervyn. All of her years of swinger dating experience failed to stop her responding in the one way she knew was the wrong way.
She phoned him without telling John.
Mervyn was equally to blame, he was single and deep down much more of a romantic than a swinger. His feelings for Vicky needed little encouraging.
The couple saw each other many times without John knowing until one day Vicky confessed and told him that she was leaving him to be with Mervyn.


A rare outcome to swinger dating

It was a very unusual outcome to a swinger dating relationship but that is no reason to pretend it is unique. The best way to think about it is to understand that such things happen far more commonly outside of swinger circles and that open relationships such as the one enjoyed by Vicky and John actually make them far less likely to occur.

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