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I joined No Strings Sex for swinger dating fun

I am proud to admit that I am a nymphomaniac. I am obsessed with sex and am always thinking about swinging, shagging and having wild adult fun. That is why I joined No Strings Sex online swinger dating. Sometimes I enjoy swinging fun as a single female and sometimes I operate as a couple with different partners. It all depends on what mood I'm in but you can guarantee that it's always a very horny one.

Swinging is about singles as well as swinger couples

A lot of people on the scene try to say that swinging is just for swinger couples but that is nonsense. Sex should be enjoyed in all it's forms by everyone and singles are as much entitled to enjoy group sex as swinger couples are. I also sometimes enjoy gang bangs and greedy girls parties. It is such a thrill to be the centre of attention as the only girl in the company of a group of men. The thought of them queuing up to get inside my pussy is such a turn on.
I am equally wild about having bi-sexual fun with other females and enjoy licking pussy just as much as having other women lick mine. There is nothing I don't enjoy and I can never get enough sex.

I belong to several online swinger dating sites but usually do best with No Strings Sex. It seems to have more genuine people in my area and there is always a good selection of single males, single females and swinging couples.
I met Theresa and Mark on No Strings Sex They are really some couple! Both of them can seriously compete with me for having insatiable sexual appetites. They have been a swinging couple for several years and enjoy the wildest threesomes, foursomes and moresomes they can find.

We met at a swinger party

I met Theresa and Mark at a swinger party some time ago but we kept in touch on a No strings Sex swinger dating chat room.
One day we were updating each other and sharing information about some more recent parties when we decided it was about time we met up again for some threesome fun
Theresa suggested that I came over to their place the following Friday. They invited me to stay all weekend and suggested a nearby swinger party we could attend on the Saturday evening. I thought it was great idea and told them to look forward to a non-stop weekend of sex from the moment I arrived.

I wanted to do something a bit different for them and to get things off to the best possible start. It was a warm summer evening so I put a few skimpy clothes in a small case and wearing nothing but a pair of shoes, got into my car and drove the ten miles to Theresa's and Mark's stark naked. Whenever I stopped at road junctions or in queues of traffic, I opened the car windows and hoped that someone would notice. One lorry driver certainly did and he bibbed his horn and waved at me with a big smile of approval on his face. Unfortunately the lights changed at that moment and we went separate ways.
Theresa's and Mark's house is on a busy road. It was only 7 o'clock in the evening and still very light when I pulled up outside. Their car was in their drive and I had to park in the road. There was no one around and I got out of the car, savouring the feel of the balmy evening air against my naked skin. I walked slowly down the drive and rang the door bell.
The door opened, revealing Mark with Theresa just behind him in the hallway. He gasped and Theresa giggled. Just at that moment I heard the sound of footsteps on the pavement somewhere near to the house. They stopped and I glanced behind me to notice a man retreating behind one of the sycamore trees that line the road.
"Do I look alright?" I asked my hosts, stretching up to Mark for a welcoming hug.
"You look great," he said, stepping out of the door and taking me in his arms. I kissed him on the cheek and he placed a hand on my naked buttocks, squeezing me as much for the voyeur's benefit as for mine I suspected. Then it was Theresa's turn to do the same whilst I remained outside the house and in full view of the man behind the tree. It was an incredibly exciting feeling.

The swinging weekend continued

No sooner than we got inside the house we were shagging each other senseless. Mark fucked me whilst I licked Theresa's pussy. Then he fucked her whilst she stuck her tongue into my wet hole. Next Mark sat on the sofa and fucked Theresa anally whilst I knelt on the floor fingering her wide open cunt as she bounced up and down on him. I kept trying to get my tongue in there too but that proved to be almost impossible. We swapped around once more so that this time I sat on Mark allowing his gorgeous thick cock to slide up my arse-hole with Theresa servicing my pussy until I came in an earth-shattering orgasm.
So the swinging weekend continued. One threesome following another until the Saturday night when we attended the swingers party. We took it by storm and got it going. I lost count of the group sex sessions we enjoyed that night.

Meet thousands of swinging couples and singles

Theresa, Mark and I still keep in touch through No Strings Sex online swinger dating site. We meet now and again but also like to find as many other singles and swinging couples from the thousands of members who are registered.
Not all of them are quite as wild as Theresa and Mark but I know how to respect other people's limits and still have a good time. You can can sign up for basic membership for free so why not look me up? Who knows we might get to fuck at a swinging party in your local area some time?
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