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A swinging couple's experience of time wasters on adult dating sites

Swinging couple discover the plague of adult dating

Mike and Gemma understood that time wasters were an unfortunate fact of life on all internet adult dating sites.
Before joining No Strings Sex the swinging couple had already discovered just how these sad people plagued the adult dating world and wasted the genuine swingers' time.
They joined No Strings Sex more in hopes than with any belief that things would be different. No site was going to be totally free of time wasters but at least No Strings Sex admitted to their existence and didn't try to pretend that they had miraculously succeeded in preventing such people from using their online adult dating site. All they said was that they did their best by a variety of measures to minimise the nuisance they caused. Mike and Gemma's experience has been a very positive one since joining No Strings Sex and they would agree that the site is being much more successful in eradicating the undesirable elements that any of the previous sites they joined had been.

The swinging couple received no responses at all

Mike and Gemma's worst experience with another adult dating site happened about a year before the swinging couple joined No Strings Sex.
They had spent nearly two months actively searching for other swinging couples and singles and were let down many times before someone actually turned up to meet them for an adult date.
It certainly wasn't because their profile and photo portrayed them as an unattractive couple. Far from it; they were both good looking and very sexy. They were the right sort of age too and they lived in a well populated geographical area. The criteria they set in their search for other swinging couples and singles was a very flexible one and they were able travel to meet up more or less anywhere at any time.
Their adult dating profile made it absolutely clear that they were completely up for no strings sex and were keen to do couple to couple stuff, swinger parties, threesomes with single males or threesomes with single females. All this, yet they were still unable to get many replies only a handful of adult dates, with only the one actually turning up.
During the first week of being registered with that adult dating site, the swinging couple received no responses at all. During their second week they got just three. All turned out to be single male time wasters. In the remaining six weeks of their membership the grand total of responses had reached seventeen. That however resulted in a total of only four adult dates and three of these failed to turn up.
They had already decided to terminate their membership and to look for a better online adult dating club when they received another response. It was from a single male again but at least he sounded really positive and they both liked the look of his photo.

They decided to give him a chance but asked him to meet them in a pub just a few miles from their home. At least this way they would minimise the amount of time wasted if this one failed to turn up like the others.
He turned up and was there waiting for them when they arrived but both Mike and Gemma immediately saw that he looked completely different to his photo. Instead of being 6'2" and muscular as his profile had stated, he was more like 5'9" and very flabby. The fat was all around his stomach whilst the breadth of his shoulders revealed him to have a rather skinny frame on which the flab had accumulated, probably through years of overeating and lack of exercise.
Far from being the attractive guy they had been expecting to meet, he was unattractive and looked a lot older than he had stated. Worst of all, the man's personality failed to do anything other than rub both of them up the wrong way. He was arrogant and even somewhat aggressive in the way he clumsily tried to make conversation. After a quarter of an hour in his company both Mike and Gemma knew they had to get out.

The last time they would use that adult dating site

Dropping hints got them nowhere so in the end Mike decided to spell it out. He told the man that he didn't feel that their liaison was going to work out. The poor guy looked completely taken aback and for a moment they thought he was going to cry. Instead he rudely blurted out something about them being time wasters. After all the time they had had wasted, the accusation was the final straw. Both of them got up immediately and walked out.
They left the pub as quickly as possible, almost running to their car. It was definitely the last time they would use that adult dating site. The following day they signed up with 'No Strings Sex'

No Strings Sex - swingers and singles in every area

Their decision proved to be a very wise one. 'No Strings Sex' online adult dating proved to have thousands of genuine members including enough in the swinging couple's local area to provide them with all the adult dating they could cope with. In every area of the UK and beyond there are always hundreds of swinging couples, single males and single females looking for adult fun with other members.
Mike and Gemma soon discovered that 'No Strings Sex' provided them with a very different experience to the one described here. The swinging couple have enjoyed adult dating with many swingers and singles of both sex since joining. It is so much of an opposite in fact that they have begun to wonder whether the other adult dating sites had topped up their databases with a lot of fictitious profiles and most of the genuine swingers had left.
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