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Swinger dating at a fetish party ends being threatened with the cane

My idea of swinger dating was to find a couple for threesome fun

I've never really been all that interested in the fetish scene and all I wanted when I joined the No strings Sex swinger dating site was to find a couple with a bi-sexual female to enjoy some threesome fun with.

Andy and Sue seemed to be a nice swinger couple

There had been plenty of really great fun for me to enjoy since joining No Strings Sex. I had met loads of nice guys and had plenty of 1-2-1 no strings sex. Sometimes I had attended swinger parties with them and there was one guy who even organised a MMF threesome for me. It was alright, but what I really wanted was a threesome the other way around. I love girl on girl stuff. There had been plenty of single females who wanted that too but I knew that I would enjoy it much more if there was guy involved as well. There was something about the idea of sharing a nice big cock with another girl that really turned me on. So I started looking for swinger couples instead.
it didn't take long to find several who were interested in adult dating on a threesome basis with a single bi-female like me.
I had to be selective and tried hard to eliminate any where it was the bloke who was the one mainly interested. To make it work the way I wanted, it needed to be the female partner who was the driving force.
In the end, I decided to agree to a swinger date with Andy and Sue. They sounded a really nice swinger couple and we arranged to meet at a party they were already attending the next Saturday.

Swinger dating at the fetish party

The idea of meeting at a party seemed a good one. It was however, a fetish party and I had never been to that sort of thing before. The theme was a St Trinians school one so I decided to dress as a naughty school girl.
Sue wore the same sort of thing but her skirt was even skimpier than mine and she had a satchel over her shoulder, just to finish things off. Andy wore a mortar and gown and carried a vicious looking cane with him.
I really couldn't understand what people got out of the party. Everyone seemed to parade around without ever getting down to any real adult fun.
Still, all that really mattered to me was that it gave me an opportunity to get to know Sue and Andy. They seemed okay and I quite fancied both of them. Later on, I told them that I was a bit disappointed with the party.
Andy seemed a little surprised but both he and Sue were quite understanding and suggested we went back to their place for some private fun.
It was a lovely house and the fun started almost immediately with Sue announcing that the schoolgirl stuff was a really big turn on for both her and Andy. She asked if I minded playing along with it. Although, it wasn't really my scene, I said yes, thinking that she just meant me to keep my uniform on whilst we enjoyed some threesome fun.
It immediately became obvious that it mean 't more than that. Andy got up from the sofa and stood tapping his cane against his free hand. He looked every bit the part of the menacing headmaster as he announced , "You two have really been very, very naughty girls. You were told not to go to that disgraceful party but you sneaked out of your dormitory and went anyway. Now you must be punished."
I was speechless but Sue just giggled and walked over to him. "Please sir," she said, "We promise not to do it again."
"Never mind that nonsense" Andy replied, "Bend over the settee."
She obeyed, and waited for him to to pull down her knickers, revealing her beautiful little tight bum and pussy.
I would have loved nothing more than to gently fondle and caress it but that was obviously not what either Sue or Andy wanted. The cane cracked down across her naked buttocks making me wince in sympathy. This was followed by thee further strokes. Then to my horror Andy ordered me to bend over as well.

Swinger dating is not about being caned

"Er no ..." I mumbled, "This isn't really my scene."
Sue tried to reassure me. "It doesn't have to be hard like I had it - just tell him how you like it"
"But I don't like it at all" I informed them, "Caning isn't really my idea of swinger dating fun. Perhaps I should leave."
Both looked a little embarrassed and possibly offended.
We all made some sort of effort to keep the evening going and repair the division that had been created. But the air continued to feel somewhat frosty and attempts at conversation died.
Eventually Sue agreed that it might be better to call it a day.

'No Strings Sex' had other swinger couples

When I got back I went straight to my computer and logged onto 'No strings Sex' There were plenty of other swinger couples to contact. I accepted that I had made a mistake with Andy and Sue but I congratulated myself on saving my arse and wondered how red Sue's would be looking by now. Each to their, I thought but that sort of stuff just wasn't for me.

Since then I have enjoyed lots of ffm threesomes with swinger couples whose tastes are much more in keeping with my own. I stay away from fetish parties but attend plenty of swinger parties with the couples I meet.

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