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No Strings Sex swinger dating with exhibitionist couple

I met Rachel and Josh on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site

Rachel was absolutely stunning. I met her and her partner Josh on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site, They were a swinging couple who lived just outside of Stevenage in Hertfordshire.
For quite some time before we actually met up, we had several times made contact in a No Strings Sex swinger chatroom. The couple were good fun and used to enjoy some really raunchy chats. It really helped when did finally meet up because it made it feel like we already knew each other well and we didn't need to do much ice breaking.

Distance had prevented us making a swinger date sooner

I lived in Cheshire at the time which is a long way from Rachel and Josh. It was because of the distance that we didn't arrange to meet sooner. There were plenty of opportunities to have swinger dating fun much nearer to home but I was very keen to meet the couple and the thought of fucking the gorgeous Rachel became almost obsessive.
I had a free weekend coming up so I decided to contact them and ask if we could meet up. The reply I received suggested that they were both as keen to meet me as I was them. They suggested an hotel just off the A5 near Hinckley as a good halfway place to meet.

An ideal hotel for swinging

When I arrived, Josh and Rachel were already waiting for me. Rachel looked absolutely stunning. I had expected a very sexy lady from her photo and profile but hadn't quite anticipated anyone as gorgeous as this. She was wearing the skimpiest outfit imaginable considering the public nature of our rendezvous. It consisted of a seductive, body hugging lacey top through which her bare nipples were clearly visible, and the tiniest tight fitting mini skirt that you I have ever seen.
Josh was dressed more conventionally in shirt and jeans. He got up to welcome me and shake hands. "Hi, this is Rachel and I'm Josh."
Rachel got up to give me a warm hug. Her perfume was wonderful and I wanted to have her right there and then.
I introduced myself and offered to buy them a drink.
They thanked me and suggested that we all go and sit up at the bar to order. Josh
arranged it so that they sat slightly facing me with Rachel perched on the bar stool between his and mine. We ordered our drinks and started chatting. I went through all the obvious social niceties: did they have a journey; how was the weather in Stevenage; and had they been to this hotel before etc. I noticed Rachel was smiling rather mischievously at Josh and him almost winking back at her from time to time. It told me that I really didn't need to go through all this conventional shit with them. I was about to change tact and turn the conversation to what we had really come there for but Rachel beat me to it.
"You didn't come hear to talk about the weather, did you?" she asked, eyeing me in a most provocatively sexual way.
I laughed and asked her what else would she like to talk about.
Instead of answering she looked downwards. My eyes followed her and saw Josh's hand going onto her thigh and sliding up inside her skirt.
"This is what we came here for, isn't it Josh?" she said. "Josh and I love being watched and doing it in public."
There were a number of people sitting in the lounge and I could see that some of them were already looking in our direction. rachel gave us all a little bit more to take notice of. She adjusted her seating position and opened her legs. At the same time Josh's hand helped the mini skirt ride up her thighs even further.
"See I'm not wearing any knickers" Rachel somewhat needlessly announced.
"Would you like to feel? "
Josh removed his hand and made an inviting gesture in my direction. I responded by replacing his hand with mine. I slid it up rachel's silky thigh and discovered a glorious dampness between her legs.
" Mm, that's nice" she purred, "Josh and I have got a nice room. Do you want to come and see it?"

Swinging in room 411

Without waiting for my reply, Josh rose from his bar stall. Rachel and I followed suit. She took my hand and led me through the lounge, delighting in the puzzled expressions of the guests who sat there. Josh walked just a stride in front of us. We found the lift and went in. Josh pressed the fourth floor button and told me,
"Rachel is a terrible exhibitionist but we can get away with things in this hotel that we might not be able to elsewhere."
As he spoke Rachel pulled her top over her head and then stepped out of her skirt. "I love doing this in a public lift" she said, "There's always the chance of somebody waiting at the next floor - it's such a turn on for me never knowing for sure. The lift continued it's ascent whilst the completely naked occupant put her arms around my neck. "Well do you want to fuck me then?" she asked.
At that moment the lift doors opened. I breathed a sigh of relief. There was no one the other side. Rachel disengaged herself from me and all three of us stepped out and walked along the thankfully empty corridor to room 411.
The rest of the evening was an amazing stamina sapping series of shagging sessions. We did just about everything that is possible for three people to do. Rachel loved double penetration and Josh and I alternated between fucking her arsehole and her pussy. We were swinging in every sense of the word.

Sometimes we go to swinging parties together

We have met several times since that first swinger date. Sometimes we go to swinging parties together and sometimes we me for more threesome fun. When it's warm enough, rachel likes to find somewhere in the open air exposing her beautiful body to anyone who might be lucky enough to be in the vicinity.
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