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A one to one adult dating to start with

The first time I saw Mark's photo on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site, I knew that I just had to fuck him.

I wasn't really looking for one to one adult dating, preferring threesome fun with two single males. Mark's profile convinced me that I should make contact with him even if it was for a 1-2-1 adult date. Perhaps I could persuade him to enjoy a threesome later on.

Mark responded immediately to my swinger dating message

I got a response to my swinger dating message straight away.
Mark replied to say that he was very keen to meet up and suggested a rendezvous in the west end. It was to be at a smart little bar that I was quite familiar with.
Both Mark and I lived in London so we were able to get to our swinger dating meeting place by public transport. He arrived first and I recognised him sitting up at the bar as soon as I walked in.
Even though it wasn't a very warm night, I had dressed to thrill and my tiny mini skirt provoked many more pairs of eyes than just Mark's to look longingly in my direction.
The first drink went down well and I was delighted how easy it was to make conversation with Mark. After two more drinks the conversation had become just about as dirty as it can get and I told him about my passion for threesome sex.
Mark said he had never done it but would love too. Like most guys he would prefer a FFM but he was quite excited by the idea of a MMF too.
All this talk about sex had made us more than ready to move on but before leaving, Mark left me for a few moment to make a phone call. When he came back, he suggested taking me to his flat to have some real swinger dating fun.

His flat was just perfect pad for our swinger dating fun

Mark's flat was just fabulous. He obviously had a lot of money to be able to afford such luxury in the affluent area.
It made me feel even more horny and I just couldn't wait to get down to the adult dating fun.
Before we did though, Mark insisted to giving me a guided tour of his state of the ark kitchen, luxurious lounge and magnificent bedroom. He did it all very slowly and I began to get the impression that he was dragging the time out on purpose as if he was waiting for something.
Even in the bedroom, he kept talking and explaining things about the property and how he had acquired it. I was beginning to wonder whether he actually wanted sex at all.
Then he suggested that we had another drink and he went off to the kitchen to make one, ignoring my frustrated look. At that moment his doorbell sounded. It was all I needed. "Won't be a moment" he said and went off to answer it.

I could hear him talking to someone, then the door closing. Finally, Mark came back into the bedroom. "This is Gary," he announced, introducing me to his visitor. "He is very sorry to have kept you waiting. Will he do for the threesome you said you wanted?"
I was totally taken aback. Gary was absolutely gorgeous and I could hardly refuse such an offer. It turned out that Mark had called him from the pub after I had told him about my desire for threesome fun.

A swinger dating threesome experience to savour

The night turned out to be a swinger dating threesome experience I will savour for ever. Two magnificent cocks took turns inside my mouth and pussy before I decided to ask for my favourite threesome action; double penetration. With Mark's big cock stuffing my pussy, Gary slid his into my arsehole. It was fantastic and we all came at the same time in one almighty threesome orgasm.

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