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An adult date that fulfilled my Bukkake fantasy

His adult dating profile intrigued me

Carl's adult dating profile on the No Strings Sex adult dating site, was intriguing. His photo portrayed him as an attractive sort of guy with a wickedly mischievous grin. But it was the tongue in cheek way he described himself that attracted me most.
If his adult dating profile was anything to go by, he was a very funny guy, and I love men that can make me laugh. He was my age - late 30s - and he lived in Worcester which isn't that far from me. So I decided to send him a message, proposing an adult date.

I proposed an adult date and we met in Evesham

I told him quite a lot about myself, including some juicy details about my number one fantasy - bukkake. It was either going to turn him on or put him off me and I was only interested in guys who would be turned on by it so I had nothing to lose.
I proposed that we arranged an adult date in Evesham.
There is a great little pub there that I've always found especially relaxing and it's easy to find for people who don't know it.
I don't know whether Carl was playing hard to get but for some reason, I didn't get a reply for over a week. When one did arrive, I had practically given up on him and was already working on making an adult date with somebody else.
His message was apologetic about the delay and very positive about my proposal. He provided a mobile number to call him on.
I rang the following evening, enjoyed a really sexy chat with him and agreed the date and time of our meeting in the Evesham pub.

It was my turn to be late for our adult date

At the adult date it was my turn to keep Carl waiting. I arrived half an hour late. I had intended to be a little late but not as late as that!

Just about every delay imaginable happened to me before I set off. Then I got caught up in a road works traffic jam where someone had gone into the back of the car in front. It was lucky that I wasn't even later and that Carl was still patiently waiting for me.

Adult dating with Bukkake and many repeat performances

Despite the late start, we immediately warmed to each other. Carl was every bit as funny as I had hoped and had me in fits of hysterical laughter all the time. We enjoyed an hour of outrageous flirting before deciding to leave the pub for my place.
When we got back to my flat we wasted no time in getting down to some of the best sex I have ever had.
Carl remembered about my Bukkake fantasy and asked me if I wanted him to cum over me. I told him that I did but not until he had brought me to orgasm. He managed that very successfully using a wonderful combination of tongue, fingers and cock to do so. He had a really lovely big cock that maintained an incredible erection until the moment it exploded its hot cum all over my face.
Adult dating had never been quite like this before and Carl stayed the night and most of the next day, producing many wonderful repeat performances.

It was real Bukkakee no strings sex that I wanted

My fantasy was not yet fulfilled however. Although I adored having Carl cum all over me, that wasn't all that I had meant by Bukkake. It was the thought of having a group of naked guys standing around me and all of them shooting their cum over every part of my face and naked body that really thrilled me. I told Carl that this was what I really wanted - no strings sex Bukkake with a group of guys.
Carl was very understanding and wanted to help me arrange something.
A month later I had my dream fulfilled. Six gorgeous guys plus Carl, attended my first adult dating Bukkake party. It was an incredible experience. Most of the guys came a least twice and Carl and two others had enough stamina to ensure that I was plastered in spunk all over my face, tits and stomach for most of the evening.

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