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It was fun adult dating with him until his wife turned up

The adult dating chatroom was mainly full of swinger couples

The day I 'met' him was a bit unusual inasmuch as the adult dating chatroom on the No Strings Sex site was practically full of swinger couples. Usually there are also quite a few single males to choose from. Perhaps that was the reason I went for a private chat with him.
His name was Dave and he sounded alright. He was about the same age as me, his photo made him look reasonably attractive and he was quite witty in a nice sort of way. But on another day with more single guys in the adult dating chat room I might not have even noticed him.

He told me he was single and was not interested in swinger couples

Dave said that he was single and only interested in 1-2-1 adult dating fun with single females like me. I told him that I quite fancied doing a threesome with a swinger couple but he didn't seem to respond with much enthusiasm to that idea.
There was definitely something about him that made me decide to agree to his proposal that we arranged an adult date.
He was from Bracknel in Berkshire and I lived in a village just the other side of Reading. We decided to meet the following Friday at Caffe Nero in the Oracle shopping centre. Dave was already there waiting when I arrived.

If only all my adult dates were like this one

We recognised each other straight away and he greeted me with a polite hug. We ordered coffee and chatted away as if we had known each other for years. I soon found myself thinking, 'I wish that all of my adult dates went like this' They certainly hadn't always been particularly successful and I could recall some complete disasters.
We moved on to a pub on the outskirts on town and the conversation quickly took on a much more earthy flavour. We both enjoyed the sexual teasing that was going on and I was giving him as good as I was getting when he asked me directly if I fancied some real adult fun somewhere. As we were now on my side of Reading, I suggested going back to my place - it was what I had been intending ever since we left Caffee Nero anyway.

More like romance dating than no strings adult dating

We opened a bottle of wine and put some sexy music on. I think he wanted a nice slow build up to the sex that inevitably followed and that was how I wanted it that night as well.
Dave was a good lover - very good - and I enjoyed that adult date as much as any other I can remember. I had no hesitation in agreeing to meet him again.
That was the start of more than four months of regular dating that was more like romance dating than the no strings adult dating stuff it was meant to be.
Then one Friday night in February it all ended in disaster. We were sat in a restaurant enjoying our starters when a woman walked in the door and marched straight over to our table. The 'single' guy I had been dating all that time turned out to be married to this poor woman and she knew nothing about his adult dating activities or my existence.
It was an ironic end to our relationship because I had avoided romance dating in favour of no strings adult dating specifically to avoid this sort of complication.

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Tracey's story is a very unusual one. Most married men who pose as single males are quickly found out. We have never come across another case where the deceit was successful for as long as Dave's.
No Strings Sex, is in fact the ideal adult dating resource for people like Tracey who want nothing more than good clean adult fun. Since her unfortunate experience she has been most successful in achieving just that and has attended many swinger parties and enjoyed threesomes with swinger couples.

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