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No Strings Sex member meets their adult dating admirer at swinger party

There was a notice saying I had an adult dating admirer

I was hardy expecting anything. I had joined other adult dating clubs where nobody showed any interest in me - just another of the thousands of single males there must be on every site! But when I logged into to No Strings Sex for only the third time there was a notice telling me that I had an 'admirer'
I clicked on the notice and discovered that there were in fact several 'admirers', all of whom were single females located in Surrey. I live in Guildford and so the specified area was ideal.
The profile I really liked the look of was of a 30 year old lady named Anna. She said she was of Polish origin but had lived in Croydon since coming to the UK as a teenager.

Anna had attended swinger parties in the past

Ann's profile also told me that she had attended several swinger parties in the past and was now looking for a new partner to accompany her to some.
That suited me down to the ground. I had never been to a swinger party but had always wanted to. The thought of going to a swinger party with someone as attractive as Anna filled me with a burning desire to contact her immediately. I clicked on the send reply button and composed an adult dating message, thanking her for her interest in me and saying that I would very much like to meet. I included a telephone number she could call me on and suggested she contacted me on it rather than sending back another adult dating message.

She wanted to introduce a virgin swinger to a swinger party

Anna phoned me that night. You could tell that her first language was not English but I found her accent and occasional hesitation to find the right word made her voice sound incredibly sexy. She told me all about her experiences at swinger parties and seemed to be intentionally turning me on with the detailed descriptions of the adult fun and group sex she had enjoyed.
I suppose if I am honest, she made me feel a little inadequate through not having had any similar experiences myself. I thought it best not to bullshit so I told her straight out that swinging was something I'd love to do but had never managed to before.
To my surprise she told me that was exactly what she was hoping for. She did not want an experienced swinger for a partner. It was the whole idea of introducing a virgin swinger to his first swinger party that really turned her on. She almost begged me to come to one with her.
I asked her if she knew of one that would be suitable for us and was not too far from Surrey. She expressed some amusement at my lack of knowledge and told me of a venue she had been to near Southhampton.


Our next adult date was at a swinger party in Southampton

We agreed to meet the following Saturday at a pub which was only five minutes away from the swinger party venue near Southampton. The party started around 9 o'clock but we didn't want to get there too early and stayed in the pub until ten, getting to know each other.
Anna was everything a man could wish for; beautiful long blonde hair, the sexiest eyes I have ever seen, a stunning figure and a sex-drive that seemed to be totally insatiable.
The party was fantastic. We enjoyed group sex with several other swinger couples and made arrangements to date one of them the following week.
Since then, Anna and I have enjoyed many more swinger parties although she is still very much her own woman and often chooses to go with other men besides me.

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