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How I met Peter in an adult dating chatroom when I joined the No Strings Sex site

It took me a couple of visits to get the hang of adult dating chatrooms

Before I joined No Strings Sex, I had never used an adult dating chatroom. They take a bit of getting used to and I found it best to sit in without taking part for a couple of times. That way, I soon got the hang of things and was able to start chatting confidently with other swingers. That's how I met Peter.

Peter was a newcomer to swinging

Peter was a single male who wanted to get into swinging. He had done it some years before, attending some swinger parties with his ex-partner before they separated. Now he was hoping to find someone like me who was up for it and would join him for some swinging dates.

After some great fun flirting in the No Strings Sex adult dating chat room, we came round to deciding that we should meet.

We were both naturists and wanted to try naturist swinging

Apart from swinging and being sex maniacs, Peter and I discovered that we had something else in common; we were both naturists.
I live in Fareham on the south coast. Britain's largest naturist beach, Studland Bay is only a hour's drive away and every summer I visit it on as many days as possible.
Amazingly Peter, who lives even nearer in Romsey, does exactly the same. Unfortunately it was deepest December when we 'met' in the adult dating chatroom so there was no way that we could consider meeting on the naturist beach at Studland.
Instead, we arranged our first adult date at a hotel rendezvous situated approximately at the half way point between where we both lived.

I had intended the date to be just a softly-softly, getting to know each other type thing. Peter told me later that was all he was expecting too. It certainly wasn't the way it turned out.
I really fancied Peter the moment I set eyes on him and I knew straight away that this adult date was definitely going to be very adult indeed.
We got talking really easily and I think it was the adult dating chatroom experience that enabled us to feel like old friends already. By the time we had spent an hour together we were both ready to book a room for the night.
The sex was absolutely wonderful, Peter instinctively knew how to turn me on. It was as if he had been with me many times before. We fucked each other practically senseless that night and somehow found some reserves of stamina to continue the next morning.

Our next adult date was at a naturist swinger club near Brighton

When the time to part finally came around, we eagerly discussed possible arrangements for our next adult date. Despite the gloom of the British winter, the desire to try naturist swinging made us consider the idea of attending a naturist swinger club. We had both heard about one near Brighton which has regular swinger parties and excellent under cover facilities for indoor fun in the winter months.
I left it to Peter to find out more and make the necessary arrangements to visit the place on one of their swinger party nights. He phoned me two days later to say there was a naturist swinger party we could go to the following Saturday.
Since then, we have become regulars at this venue and other swinger naturist clubs. It is now summer and we are looking forward to our first visit to Studland bay together.

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