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It took just three adult dating messages to find someone

Somewhat spoilt for choice because of the number of single females I found when doing adult dating searches in the Exeter area, I decided to try just three of them to start with.
It took just those three adult dating messages to get one very positive response.

She had previously used the same hotel for adult dating

We swapped phone numbers and I called her up to arrange an adult date. She sounded a real classy swinger and suggested that we met at a Hotel in Exmouth. I had only ever passed by the place a few times but she shamelessly told me that she had used it for adult dating before. She even commented that the beds were really good.

We met early in the evening and enjoyed a drink in the lounge whilst we got to know each other. Her name was Sam - just 'Sam' and not short for Samantha, she insisted. She was very attractive, quite tall and leggy and in her mid twenties. She was dressed in the tiniest of mini skirts and a top that revealed her navel jewelry and what seemed an amazing amount of flesh below it.

The horniest adult date ever

Our conversation over that drink was hardly what you'd call 'socialising'. It was practically pure flirting and teasing right from the word go. Within the first ten minutes I knew that this was already the horniest adult date I had ever been on.
As soon as Sam's glass was empty she got up, reaching for my hand. She had the sexiest mischievous grin on her face that I have ever seen. Then she pulled me up and told me it was time to go to bed.

The room was on the third floor and we took the lift. There was just about time for her to take my hand and guide it under her tiny mini skirt.
"Feel how wet you are making me already" she said.
My hand slid up the inside of her thigh, verifying not only her wetness but also that she had dared to go knickerless under such a short skirt. The lift stopped and the doors open as I hastily withdrew my hand. It was only just in time because an elderly couple were waiting outside the lift. The woman stared in disapproval at Sam as she walked past. I guess she thought I had hired myself a prostitute.

The room was every bit as good as Sam had informed me. The sex was far better than anything I could possibly have anticipated. Adult dating would never seem the same to me again.
Sam's sexual appetite was just amazing and we slept very little that night. The next morning was just as exhausting and Sam made sure we continued fucking right up until the moment the room had to be vacated.

The next adult date was a visit to a dogging site

When we discussed meeting again, Sam took me aback with her suggestion for our next adult date. She said she wanted to try 'Dogging' and knew of a car park that was very active.
It turned out to be an experience that I did not enjoy and shortly after I began to discover many other tastes that Sam and I did not share. Eventually, it was this that drove us apart.

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