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Our adult dating takes us to a popular dogging site

First four adult dating messages produce enthusiastic response

The number of single females on the No Strings Sex adult dating web site, somewhat spoilt me for choice. My searches for single females looking for single guys in the Barnsley area, turned up 180 in the age group I selected. I decided to try four of them to start with.
That's all it took to get one very enthusiastic response.

I called Emily to arrange our first adult date

The lady concerned was called Emily. She eagerly swapped phone numbers with me so I could call to arrange our first adult date. She sounded like a very sexy swinger and she suggested that we met in a pub she knew in the village of Silkstone Common.

We met early the next Saturday evening and enjoyed a drink whilst getting to know each other and beginning to flirt a little.
Emily was really quite attractive. She was in her late twenties, had long, slender legs that her tiny mini skirt revealed to the maximum that public decency allowed. The gap between the low cut top of her skirt and her skimpy top left so much naked flesh exposed that it seemed a wonder that it didn't quite expose her venus mound.

One very horny adult date

Our conversation became more and more flirtatious and before fifteen minutes were up I just knew that this was going to turn out to be one very horny adult date.
We never even ordered a second round. Emily just said, "Shall we go?"
"My car or yours?" I asked in reply.
We decided on mine because it was bigger. "Where to?" I asked
Emily told me where there was a very secluded public car that hardly anyone ever went to at night. "It's really for country walkers in the day time," she informed me.
When we arrived, we were both surprised to find quite a few cars were parked there but it was still easy to find a spot that was secluded and away from all the others.
As soon as we were parked Emily took my hand and guided it up under her tiny mini skirt.
"Feel how wet I am already" she said.
My fingers explored her smooth, shaved pussy and felt it's wetness. Incredibly, she had not been wearing knickers under her tiny skirt.
Within moments, we were both naked with the car seats back to make a bed for us. We gave each other oral sex for a while before she straddled me and helped my cock to enter her.
It was heaven but as she began to ride up and down on me, we slowly became aware of being watched through the partially steamed up car windows.
We couldn't stop now but Emily giggled nervously instead. There was guy with his face pressed right up against the glass. "Open the window", she ordered me.

Our adult dating car park was a dogging site

I wanted to question the wisdom of her idea but just did as she asked. The face practically entered the car as the window went all the way down. "Do you mind me watching?" the guy stammered nervously.
Emily giggled again but gave him her permission. We carried on fucking. Emily came first - very loudly.
Then she withdrew from my still hard cock and got down to finish me off with a blow job. She told me to come over her face and the guy at the window was treated to a grand finale of my spunk shooting all over Emily's eager mouth and running down her chin onto her naked breast.
When we had recovered, the guy thanked us and asked if we were regulars. At first I didn't understand but then I noticed that there were groups of guys standing around other cars. Some were busily wanking themselves off. Our horny adult dating fun had taken place at a popular dogging site.

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