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My adult date with an insatiable appetite for no strings sex on a swinger holiday

I had met more attractive women through adult dating

Julie was the most highly sexed woman I ever met through adult dating.
She wasn't what most guys would call stunning, beautiful or drop-dead gorgeous. She had a slimish size 12 figure but it wasn't one to die for. She had nice tits but I've certainly seen better. Her bum was a bit broader than I like and sagged a little. Her dark brown hair was nothing out of the ordinary.
I had certainly met more attractive women through adult dating and to sum her up I would probably just describe her as being 'reasonably attractive'.

Adult dating with an incredible appetite for no strings sex

What made Julie a really special adult date was her incredible appetite for no strings sex. She just couldn't get enough of it and wanted to try everything there was to try.
We met on the No Strings Sex online adult dating site and started seeing each other regularly over the following three months. We met for 1-2-1 adult dates at her place mainly; but sometimes, when the weather was good, we would go out into the local countryside to enjoy outdoor sex. Julie was wild about that. She said that the sun and fresh air on her naked skin increased the intensity of her orgasms but I found it hard to believe that they could be any more intense than they always appeared to be.
Then one day she asked me whether I had ever fancied going to one of those swinger holiday resorts. I had seen programmes on TV about 'Hedonism' in Jamaica but didn't know of any other similar places.
The cost of a swinger holiday in Hedonism was out of our league at that time but Julie told me that she was thinking about a place called 'Cap d'Agde in southern France. It was really a naturist place but allowed a lot of swinging to go on in certain areas of its vast complex. I liked the sound of it and we booked a week's holiday there.

The holiday turned out very differently to what I had anticipated.
The first couple of days were great with Julie and I quickly finding the part of the beach where the swingers went for daytime fun. We joined in and had several fantastic threesomes and foursomes.
The first two evenings were good too, with us attending the swinger parties that went on after dark.
It was from the third day on that things started going wrong. Julie told me she had always wanted to enjoy a gang bang and there was no shortage of single guys to arrange that sort of thing with. I was reasonably happy to watch as Julie entertained five guys on the first occasion but instead of quenching her thirst for the activity, it merely served to wet her appetite for more.

Our swinger holiday was the end of our adult dating

She became obsessed with arranging bigger gang bangs every day for the rest of our holiday, trying to break the previous day's record each time and ending up having twelve guys fuck her on the last day. At the same time as her obsession with gang bangs grew, she began to ignore my presence more and more.
Soon, she no longer wanted my company at all and by the end of the holiday I no longer wanted hers either. Our swinger holiday had finished our three month adult dating relationship.

More adult dating was easy thanks to No Strings Sex

Thanks to No Strings Sex online adult dating , I soon found another lady to enjoy adult dates with. We have had some great fun together and are thinking of going on holiday together but I shall definitely be steering clear of Cap d'Adge this time!

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