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Astronomical odds on an adult dating site and a swinger party

The odds against finding someone you've met before on an adult dating site are minute

There are thousands of people on most adult dating sites but even so this probably represents only a tiny percentage of the adult population as a whole. So in any given area of the Uk, the chances of finding someone you know on an adult dating site must be very low indeed. The same goes for bumping into somebody at a swingers party, although in this case the odds must be even more stacked against it because a swingers party guest list represents only a fraction of the number of people who sign up for adult dating in any given area.

It happened twice: searching adult dating profiles and then at a swingers party

Despite those incredibly minute odds, it actually happened to me. Even more incredibly, I found someone I used to know when searching through adult dating site profiles and then just two days later I bumped into someone else that I knew at a swingers party. Here is what happened in both cases.

The first experience that happened whilst I was browsing adult dating profiles was startling enough. I was looking for a single female in Buckinghamshire who was interested in meeting single guys like me and was in the 30 - 40 age range.
The search threw up more than I was prepared to plough through so I refined the filter to show only those matching my criteria who had photos. There were still more than I had expected and I almost stopped before opening page three, having found several rather gorgeous looking ladies I decided to contact. Mainly out of idle curiosity I clicked for the third page to open and there, right at the top of it was Helen.
At first I refused to believe that it was her but when I read her profile I knew that it must be. Helen was someone I had worked with a few years back but she had hardly seemed the sort of girl that would be interested in no strings sex. She was more the home and family type than adult dating site material. I was astounded.

Imagine my disbelief when the swinger party revealed another old acquaintance

The swinger party was one that I had been planning to attend for some time. I had an occasional swinging partner who I saw very rarely these days but she was still up for the odd party and we were going to attend this event together
When we arrived, the party was already well under way. It was a very big venue and I would reckon on there being over a hundred people there. My partner, Kat, and I wandered around, chatting to various swinger couples, discussing our experiences on adult dating sites and so on. I told several people about the amazing co-incidence of seeing Helen's profile earlier in the week and everyone I told said that they had never heard of it happening before. Most people added that it was something that they dreaded happening to them, especially at a swinger party.
It was right at the moment that one couple were emphasizing this very point that I happened to glance across the room and experience my second great shock of the week.
A beautiful and near-naked girl had entered the room. She was arm in arm with someone called Colin who had been my immediate boss for a full two years in my very first job. It was a long time ago and he had aged considerably but there was no mistaking him. It was definitely Colin.
He didn't recognise me and I managed to escape him for the rest of the evening. Perhaps I should have said hello. Who knows, I may have got to shag his gorgeous partner?

No Strings Sex adult dating site provides security

No strings sex is an adult dating site that ensures security, confidentiality and discretion to all its members.
As stated at the beginning of this account the odds against meeting anyone you know on any adult dating site are really astronomical and the odds against it happening at a swingers party are even greater.
What happened to Terry in seeing Helen's profile one day and seeing Colin at the swinger's party two days later is the equivalent to the chances of you getting all six numbers on Lotto.

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