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An adult dating rendezvous where our fantasies were fulfilled

Adult dating lead us to discuss our secret fantasies

We met each other by going on the No Strings Sex adult dating site. He was gorgeous and up for anything - just like me.
After our first couple of adult dates and some great sex, we started talking about our unfulfilled sexual fantasies.
Amazingly, we both shared two in common. I had always wanted to enjoy sex in the open air and somehow had always missed out on the chance of doing so.
Mike - that was his name - said that it was exactly the same in his case.
I had been the first to spell out that fantasy so it was Mike's turn to take the lead for the other one. He was clearly hesitant and a little reluctant to put it into words and I had to reassure him that I would not be judgmental or laugh at him no matter what the fantasy was.
At last he blurted out that it was about water sports. Apparently he had always a naked woman to piss on him. He said it was thought of watching piss flowing from her onto his stomach and cock that turned him on. A purely visual thing rather than any notion that it would feel good.
I couldn't believe my luck because it had always been my secret fantasy to try watersports. I told Mike so but added that I also wanted to piss on in face and in his mouth if he would let me. In exchange I was willing to let him do the same to me.

An adult dating rendezvous where we could realise both fantasies

Mike wasn't entirely sure about my additions to his fantasy but the fact that we had two fantasies that virtually matched was enough for us to agree on an adult dating rendezvous where we could realise them. We chose some secluded woodland near to where he lived.

The weather was warm and dry and the woods were deserted. We found a little clearing and stripped naked. There was always a remote chance that someone might turn up and see us but I secretly felt that that was part of the turn on of being in the open.

This was what adult dating was all about

Mike had a hard on from the instant he stripped off and the hot sun on my naked skin made me feel as horny as hell. "Oh mike," I murmured, "This is what adult dating is all about"
I had been drinking a lot to make sure I could piss but still wondered whether I was going to able to do it when standing over somebody.
Mike lay on his back, head raised. I stood legs wide apart, providing him with what he said was a fantastic view of my pussy. I tried hard to piss but it just wouldn't come.
We both laughed and I fell on top of him and fucked him instead. Both of us came almost immediately. It was an incredible orgasm that anyone in the woods would have been able hear for miles.
Later we tried the watersports again and this time I was more successful, managing to provide quite a shower over Mike's groin. He wanked himself off whilst I pissed and I found it an incredibly erotic experience. I had pissed in his mouth or over his face and I no longer felt particularly interested in that part of the fantasy. Sometimes its better to keep some part of our fantasies unfulfilled. Mike never reciprocated and I never asked him to. I don't think he wanted to
Our adult dating had fulfilled our fantasies and we were both completely satisfied.

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