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A nymphomaniacs' encounter with a swinging guy as wild as her

Swinging fun as single or swinger couple

I have to confess to being a nymphomaniac. I have been swinging for years and although I joined No Strings Sex as a single female, I sometimes go in for swinging fun with different partners and then sign up on adult dating sites as a swinger couple.

For me, swinging isn't only about couple fun at swinger parties

It all depends what mood I'm in. Swinging isn't just about couple fun at swinger parties for me. I go through phases when I want to swing as a single female, sometimes enjoy the greedy girls scene where I can let myself be shagged silly in a gang bang. At other times I'm into bi-female fun and enjoy licking pussy more than being fucked.
The only thing that is consistent is my insatiable sexual appetite. It's always sky high, no matter how I feel like expressing it.

Out of all the online swinger dating sites I use, I get the best results from No Strings Sex but I like to try others from time to time. I suppose its part of my sex addiction to always be on the look out for something different.

It was however on No Strings Sex that I met Shaun and he is the first guy I have ever met who can seriously compete with me for sexual appetite. Together we make one of the wildest swinging couples you'll ever find.

Shaun and I first made contact through a swinger dating chat room

I met Shaun following some encounters with him in a No strings Sex swinger dating chat room. He immediately impressed me as someone who might be actually able to keep up with me.
I was in the mood for some 1-2-1 adult dating at the time and I accepted his invitation to meet up.
I know what they say about the risks of meeting strangers over the Internet but I just cannot help adding to the thrill of swinger dating by breaking all the rules. In Shaun's case I felt completely confident that he was safe anyway and I gave him my address to come to for our first adult date.

I decided to answer the door wearing nothing more than my tiniest g-string. Instead of appearing the least bit shocked Shaun just stood there and said, 'You look good. Come out here so I can get a better view'
My house is on a fairly busy and well lit road. It was only 8 o'clock in the evening and there were both cars and pedestrians around. The thought that someone would see just turned me on even more. I switched on the bright outdoor lamp which is situated above the porch and stepped out. Then I did a twirl for the benefit of my visitor and anyone else who might be watching. Shaun responded by taking me into his arms and giving me a long snog on the doorstep.

Shaun became my next swinging partner

Within in minutes of coming inside, Shaun an I were shagging each other senseless. We enjoyed some of the best 1-2-1 sex that I could remember having for quite a while.
Shaun stayed the night and most of the following day. I decided that he should become my next swinging partner and we went on the 'No Strings Sex' site to create our swinger couple profile. Since then we have enjoyed many swinger parties together and are well known in swinging circles as one the wildest couples on the scene. We are both proud of being totally uninhibited sex maniacs.

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