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Emma's time is wasted by saddos on adult dating sites

All adult dating sites get their share of time-wasters

Let's face it, all internet adult dating sites attract their fair share of life's saddos and time-wasters.
Before Emma joined No Strings Sex she had already had her eyes opened to this fact by her experiences with two other online adult dating sites.
She didn't expect No Strings Sex to be completely free of such people but unlike the other adult dating sites it wasn't claiming otherwise. Whatever they say to the contrary, no adult dating site can stop the saddos and time-wasters altogether. The best they can do is to use various measures to deter them and minimise their nuisance value. No Strings Sex does this more effectively than most other adult dating sites and Emma has been delighted with the number of genuine swingers she has met since joining.

Emma's experience with another adult dating site.

Emma's worst experience was with one of the other adult dating sites she had joined the previous year.
During three months of active searching, messaging, profiling and chatroom participation, she only achieved one adult date that actually turned up.
It wasn't because she was unattractive or had some domestic ties, a hidden partner or a remote geographical location. In fact, she was single, 27 at the time, pretty, petite and very sexy. She lived in Manchester, was able to travel anywhere and had no children or any other kind of domestic ties. Her profile made it clear that she enjoyed no strings sex with both swinger couples and single males. She wasn't being overly fussy and she had some really sexy photos with her profile that were guaranteed to wet the appetite of any red-bloodied male.
She didn't get anything like the number of responses she would have anticipated. In the first week of joining the adult dating site, Emma had none. In the second week there were just three and during the twelve weeks that she remained a member a total of only fourteen 'admirers' sent messages to her.
But that wasn't the main problem. Fourteen under other circumstances might well have been enough. The real problem was that the vast majority of them never got as far as agreeing to meet and the few that did failed to turn up.
Emma has never been able to work out how on earth this particular online dating club had managed to accumulate so many time-wasters but at least there was this one guy who did meet her.

Stewart was the only adult date who turned up

His name was Stewart and their adult date was in Manchester because by this time Emma was determined not to travel for adult dating until she knew that the other person was genuine. Stewart had traveled from Halifax so at least she knew he was keen enough to turn up for an adult date where some traveling was involved.
That was the only positive thing that Emma could say about him. The date was a total disaster.
Stewart looked nothing like his adult dating photo and his profile had described a very different person indeed. He was decidedly unattractive, much older than he had claimed and had a peculiar, high pitched, whining voice that Emma immediately disliked.
His style of conversation was awkward, argumentative and arrogant. Emma knew she had to end the meeting as soon as possible but she just couldn't find an easy way to do it.

Last chance gone for that adult dating site

In desperation she finally resorted to brutal frankness and told him, "I am sorry but this just isn't working out for me." With that she got up and walked out, leaving Stewart speechless for the first time that night.
She left the building as quickly as possible and almost ran to her car. She had given that adult dating site it's last chance. Tomorrow she would sign up with No Strings Sex instead.

No Strings Sex - adult dating that works

No strings sex is an online adult dating site that has thousands of genuine members in every area looking for swinger dating fun with singles of both sex and with swinger couples. Like every other adult dating site unfortunately, there are members who are probably just like Stewart but most are genuine and not time-wasters. Emma soon found that out when she joined No Strings Sex. Her experience was totally unlike the one she had suffered with the online dating site just described. She has met and had many enjoyable adult dates since joining and now wonders whether the other adult dating sites she joined were mainly populated by ficticious profiles in an attempt to boost their numbers. That is certainly a possibility.
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