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Adult dating at a kinky fetish party ends in spanking fun

Kinky girl seeks something to spice up her adult dating fun

Some people probably think I'm really kinky but its a more a case of liking something different to spice up my adult dating fun every now and then.
A little while ago I frightened off a really nice guy by suggesting some kinky fun that he was not ready to handle. Here's what happened.

Iain sent me an adult dating photo I couldn't resist

I had already had a lot of really great fun adult dates from joining No Strings Sex. I kept in touch with many of the guys, sometimes going to swinger parties with them and sometimes meeting for 1-2-1 sex in private. Some of the guys went to fetish parties with me as well but I got the impression that they weren't as keen on them as I was. Then I received an adult dating photo from Iain. It was actually taken at a fetish party and he was dressed in leather. I jumped to the conclusion that he must be my kind of guy and we arranged an adult dating rendezvous at a forthcoming fetish party I had already planned to attend the next Saturday

The fetish party was on ideal rendezvous for adult dating

The fetish party theme that night was 'St Trinians' so I dressed up in a skimpy school uniform and carried a satchel and hockey stick. Iain arrived in a traditional school master's outfit complete with mortar board and cane.
The venue provided an ideal rendezvous for adult dating but it wasn't a great party, with very little happening other than some fairly discrete blow jobs and a lot of parading around and erotic dancing by the many exhibitionists who attended.
I wanted something more than this although Iain seemed quite contented with the way things were.
Towards the end of the evening, I expressed my disappointment to Iain.
I explained to him that I hoped to play some teacher pupil role-play games and as it hadn't happened at the party, perhaps we could do some back at my place. He seemed quite enthusiastic so we left to hurry back for the fun.
It started with, Iain as the teacher, putting me over his knee, pulling my knickers down and giving me a fairly gentle spanking. I wanted something more robust and when I asked him to he responded by spanking me more vigorously.

Adult dating is not about spanking and caning

I wanted him to cane me as well but first I suggested we reversed roles so I could play at being his teacher. He hesitated before removing his masters outfit and mortar board and I detected some reluctance in his acceptance of our role changes. He got to the point of bending over and allowing me to bare his bottom in preparation for my first stroke when he suddenly got back up and informed me, "Spanking and caning isn't really my idea of adult dating I'm afraid."

I was prepared to meet for more adult dating

I accepted and respected his limits. If he felt that it wasn't for him, that was fine by me. I just wished he had said so earlier before we started the role play in the first place. However the incident didn't stop us finishing off the evening with some really enjoyable sex and I would certainly have been prepared to meet Iain for more adult dating some time.

Other No Strings Sex
adult dating members to choose from

Instead we have never met again since but he did send me a rather unnecessarily blunt message saying that I was 'a bit too kinky for his tastes'!

Fortunately for Iain there are plenty of other No Strings Sex adult dating members for him to choose from and the vast majority of them won't want to spank his bottom. On the other hand most of them probably won't offer him their's either!
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