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I met Natalie on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site

Natalie was absolutely gorgeous. I met her on the No Strings Sex swinger dating site, She was from a Bedfordshire village just outside of Luton which was quite famous for its swinging connections. Anyone familiar with 'Dirty Dave's swinger web-site' would probably know that it's infamous author / owner came from the same village!
For some time before Natalie and I had our first swinger date, we had 'met' several times in a No Strings Sex swinger chatroom. We exchanged many a raunchy message and felt that we already knew each other well before our swinger date was arranged.

Although we lived far apart a swinger date proved irresistible.

I lived quite a way from Bedfordshire, in Swindon, Wiltshire. The distance was the only reason that we didn't arrange a swinger date sooner. Both of us had plenty of adult fun to enjoy nearer to home but there was something about Natalie that made her an irresistible adult date regardless of how far away she lived and apparently she felt just the same way about me.

For our swinger date, we decided to meet up at a hotel in Abingdon. It was somewhere near the halfway point between us and we both happened to have visited the same hotel a few years back on business meetings.

The hotel we picked was the ideal place for swinger dating fun

Natalie was already sat waiting for me in the hotel lounge when I arrived. Even though her photo had told me to anticipate meeting a really sexy and attractive lady, I wasn't prepared for anyone as stunningly beautiful as this. She was so gorgeous that I began to feel my self confidence ebbing as I approached her. She seemed totally out of my league.
I knew that I shouldn't allow myself to hang onto negative thoughts like that. I told myself that Natatile was in my league - all women were. It was just a case of the chemistry being right. I wouldn't be having a swinger date with Natalie otherwise.
Armed with this more positive view of the evening ahead, I introduced myself confidently and offered to buy the beautiful lady a drink.
She thanked me and suggested that we both go and sit up at the bar to order. I imagined that she just felt the urge to have a change of seats although the bar stools offered none of the comforts possessed by the lounge chairs.
We sat half facing each other, with the bar overhanging our legs. Natalie wasted no time in getting down to the kind of raunchy, flirtatious chat that had been the main component of our messages and swinger chatroom conversation.
After only a few minutes of such exchanges, she informed me that she found having sex in public extremely exciting. She said that was why she wanted to sit at the bar and when I replied that I didn't quite follow, she nodded across in the direction of the now quite crowded lounge. "Look" she said, "I'm not wearing any knickers under this little skirt."
I instinctively looked down as she opened her legs and shifted her position to cause her mini skirt to ride up her thighs. "You could finger my pussy here in front of all those people and wonder whether anyone would be able to see us or not."
I responded by slipping my trembling hand up her thigh and quickly finding the damp slit between her legs. but she hadn't finished her instructions.
" That's good but I had an exciting little extra in mind," she said, taking an ice cube out of her glass. "I want you put this inside me."

My gorgeous swinger date demanded that I oblige her

I looked across at the crowded room and it seemed to me that several of the nearest guests were staring right at us. Nevertheless, I knew that my gorgeous swinger date was demanding me to oblige her. Taking the ice cube from her, I steeled myself to carry on. Holding it between my fingers, I moved it up under her skirt between her now wide open legs. At the very moment I was about to complete my mission, the voice of the bartender intruded, asking whether we wanted more drinks. The interruption made me panic and quickly withdraw my hand, dropping the ice cube on the floor.
Natalie reacted far more calmly, and in a voice as cold as the fallen ice cube she said, "I think we have had enough."

It signalled the end of the swinger date for me. Natalie had set me a test and I failed in my first and only attempt to pass it. Perhaps I was really not in her league afterall.

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