First time swingers are welcomed

We welcome first time swingers and do everything possible to support them. First time swingers always make up a sizeable proportion of our overall membership, so they have no reason to feel alone or be worried about being newbies. It is quite natural and normal for first timers to feel nervous and to experience a degree of uncertainty about the new lifestyle upon which they are embarking.

Experienced swingers were first timers once

Our more experienced swingers completely understand this, as all of them were first timers themselves once. Most of them are only too pleased to help. They want to meet new members with no experience and they delight in supporting and gently encouraging them.

Progress at your own pace

As a first time swinger you will find everyone allows you to progress at your own pace, taking things one step at a time. This means that it will be okay for you to sit things if you want to. You might want to just watch to start with or enjoy sex with your partner only. It doesn't matter - you can feel entirely comfortable about setting your own rules of play.

No pressure to move on

How long this level of involvement continues is completely up to you. Nobody will pressurise you into moving on. Some first time swingers decide not to and they remain happy with being 'social swingers', enjoying risqué chat or perhaps a little voyeurism or maybe some exhibitionism but never anything more.

First time swingers losing their virginity

Most will progress to enjoying full sexual relations with other couples and often they treat the occasion upon which they first do so as being the losing of their virginity! At this point they move on from being first time swingers and start along the path to becoming experience swingers.

First time swingers Rian and Jason

Rian and her partner Jason were first time swingers when they joined No Strings Sex, adult dating. Their relationship had been going successfully for ten years and their sex life was fantastic; but both of them were very adventurous and felt a strong urge to experiment beyond the confines of the partnership. However, they agreed that to do so alone would be unfaithful and damaging to the relationship.

The openness and honesty of swinging appealed to them and they decided to look for an adult dating site that could fulfil their needs. After some disappointments elsewhere, they joined No Strings Sex

It took them three weeks to meet an experienced swinger couple who they really liked. The first meeting led to nothing more than some flirtatious and risqué conversation but the foursome agreed to meet again and attend a swinger party together. It was here that Rian and Jason lost their virginity and moved on from being first time swingers. They are now using their experience to help new first time swinger members overcome their initial nervousness and do the same